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while my book, Off-Camera Flash, is (temporarily) out of print

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
edited December 2013 in home
... the prices have shot up like crazy on Amazon.

$3,700 for the book new;
The information in it, priceless!

Who knew I'd be collectible some day? ;)



  • Wow, gotta dust off my copy and put it on eBay. Seriously, this was bad timing with Christmas here.
  • I will sell mine for half of that!
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I can only assume that it is some automated pricing happening there, where they calculate the new price of a book based on scarcity … and with only FOUR new books still available on Amazon, they must be really precious.
  • Since this great book is out of print, I´m not ashamed to say that I´ve just found me an epub version I found on the web. A great book. I bought the Kindle version of Direction and Quality of light and really was an eye opener. I have no excuse for not having enough equipment. Great things you can do with your camera and no excuses. Your writing is really something; you have the gift as a mentor for the aspiring photographer who seeks inspiration in down to earth great photographers like yourself. Thanks and keep ´em (books) coming!
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