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on camera flash with full cts gel and spin light 360 while shooting a wedding at reception

CarlosZCarlosZ Member
edited December 2013 in home
Hello Neil, Tangent and the forum are great you are a great photographer who likes to share your great knowledge of wedding photography. You most also be a great person hope to meet you some day. My two question are on on camera flash photography with full cts gel and spin light 360. I am aware you set your kelvin on your camera to 2900. Would you shoot with full cts gel spin light 360 when you have a Dj with those crazy different colored lights flashing all over the dance floor or how would you shoot it?. my setting on the camera were canon 5dmk3 24-70mm 2.8l 2 lens set at f 2.8 s 1/200 iso 2000 with full gel cts and spin light 360 while bouncing.


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