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OnOne software

JerryJerry Member
edited January 2014 in home
Do anyone have any experience of OnOne software's applications?

I've been trying out the free Perfect Effects 4, and it seem quite nice. Pondering if the cost for the whole suite (version 8.1 now) would be justified.

What do you think of the products included in the suite?


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I have the OnOne Suite but an older version 6.1

    In there was a section called PhotoTools 2.6 and I really like that, and it was available as a 'standalone' and I think they replaced it with Perfect Effects.

    The only other thing I really like and use is Perfect Resize where I can upscale an image to a really large size if I have canvas prints 20x30 inch and over and it does a fantastic job, better than PS's Bicubic Interpolation upsize.

    Focal Point, never used
    Perfect Effects 3, rarely
    Perfect Portrait tried and it was pretty cumbersome, but as I said I have 6.1 and it may have improved
    Perfect Resize 7, fantastic
    Photoframe 4.6 used it, but I found using the Nik (Google) software with the Borders in the Color Efex Pro 4 to be much easier, but, there are some fantastic backgrounds in Photoframe so I applied quite a few to a PSD and saved that and when I want a background when doing up Wedding Albums, I opened the PSD and merely copy the bckgrnd I want.
    PhotoTools 2.6 (now discontinued) great.

    That's about all I can tell you, I supposed you have been to the site and watched the videos, etc. you would have to draw your own conclusions on it.

  • Thanks Trev for the input. The main reason I ask is that the suite is cheaper than the stand alone Perfect Resize app at the moment :)
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Well, grab it. I see it's way below what I paid for it around 3-4 years back.

    Just thought, have you downloaded a Trial go yet if available?

    Still, if you really like free one and it's something you would use constantly then I am sure you will find uses for a couple of the others.

    As I said, Perfect Resize is absolutely brilliant.

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