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CF Card Recommendations for Nikon D700

dmcdtcdmcdtc Member
edited January 2014 in home
I finally pulled the trigger and purchased my first 'new' full-frame Nikon D700. Looking for opinions on what brand, size etc. of CF cards I should get and/or avoid.


  • Good purchase! I have two and would only trade them for Neil's D4's lol... I have had great success with both Lexar and Sandisk. I seem to be interested in getting more Lexars. I have been using 8g 800x cards. If you have usb 3 they fly for downloads. They have a hub now that will let you insert several cards at once and the download to your desktop or laptop station.

    Shooting raw I get 393 pics per card. Plenty for me as I prefer to change cards than to lose one with all the images on it. Total personal pref there though!

    Let me/us know how the 700 works for you. It has really been instrumental in my development as a photographer. It really opens up things for you esp with good glass.
  • Another endorsement for Lexar Pro 800x.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    A I had issues way back with Lexar when I shot w/ Canon, so I changed to SanDisk. (The issue was some mutual incompatibility between Lexar and the then-latest camera release, afaicr.) So now I only shoot w SanDisk. No issues.
  • I shoot with a D700 and I use both Lexar and Sandisk and I've never had any problems with either.
  • I use SanDisk CF cards primarily, and I have one Lexar CF cards. You bought a good camera, so you need dependable memory cards.
  • The eagle finally landed...got my D700 yesterday.

    Bought one SanDisk 32gig 800X CF card.

    I have 35mm, 50mm, 85mm all in 1.8. Also, 70-200mm 2.8. Really love the detail this camera captures and looking forward to maximizing my lenses capabilities.
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