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Perhaps the most idiotic camera comparison ever


  • I can never get those 10 seconds back that I wasted on this...LOL
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You weren't even slightly amused at some of these choices?
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Yep, loved the oranges and the blue car at midnight comparison.

    Very impressed /ends sarcasm/

    I made the mistake of trying again, and you get a whole new set of images to compare.

    Make that 30 seconds of my life wasted.
  • AllenAllen Member
    They say a wise man learns by other people's mistakes... so the 7D got 70% first time and the 6D got 70% second time. I hope my participation helped someone's stats. My next camera will almost certainly be a 6D mk2 or a 7D mk2 (if it ever arrives) or an 80D. For now I'm happy with my 60D.
  • I find this the most appropriate moment to legitimately use the term "WTF".
  • ZenonZenon Member
    ^^^ Agree with this ^^^
  • marcomarco Member
    I actually own both!
    I shoot usually using the 7D for birds and the 6D for events and night photography. Against all apparent logic it's happened that I've used the 7D for events (before I bought the 6D, and lately as a backup or second body) and the 6D for birds (in the early mornings or late afternoons, when with the 7D I would have given it up for lack of light).

    Both cameras are superb in their specific fields: the 7D fast frame rate is essential for catching action, the AF tweaks are perfect for focusing moving/flying birds and the cropped sensor gives me that extra reach. The 6D is excellent in low light situations, and the full frame wider angle of view can be critical in cramped spaces. WiFi capabilities allow me to shoot the stars while sitting comfortably a few meters away (not a small thing, when you shoot for a whole night!).

    But when using them in their weaker fields, both cameras limitations show up:
    In low light the 7D will give poor results: I found myself not using an otherwise excellent frame because of loss of details due to too much noise.
    Shooting birds with the 6D, i can easily miss the magic moment, and the less accessorized AF system can sometimes limit my focusing capabilities (specially when shooting a bird on a tree, where focusing can be tricky).

    I think the two bodies complement each other, and at present time the balance between them is more or less equal. But if you take in account that the 7D is based on older technology, then it should get some more merit. At the time of launch, the 7D was a "wow" body, using edge technology and introducing new features, while the 6D has been launched as a "budget" body, with the only highlight being the low light AF capabilities (pun WAS intended).

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