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Canon 6D Opinions

TonyTTonyT Member
edited April 2014 in Canon
Hi all

Had my eye on upgrading to a 6D for a while, now I'm in a position to do so but thought I'd ask those that have the 6D what they think of it. Did it meet or exceed your expectations or fall short of them. I've read many on line reviews but thought I'd ask the good people on here.

I'm currently using a 60D and whilst it has 2 less AF points than 6D, all of them are cross type as opposed to just the one on the 6D. I'm thinking in terms of portraiture and using lenses wide open where focus (centre af point) and recompose might not be ideal, especially if doing candid portraits.

Like to hear peoples thoughts on the camera especially regarding AF and its suitability to various types of photography and generally.

To add to the mix I've also thought of pushing the boat out and going for the 5D MkIII which I could stretch to but means me not getting the 24-70 F4 L IS I had in mind with the 6D.

Thanks for reading.


  • Personally, I am happy with the 6D. Although a 5D MKiii would have been ideal and more handy in some situations, I think its better to get some quality glass with the 6D than to get a 5D MKiii for portraiture. In daylight portraiture, the focus points wont give you any issues and you wont feel like you have to use the center cross focus point. But I have found it a bit difficult to focus in very low light situations if I am not using faster len's around 2.8 (where I know a 5d mkiii with all those cross focus points would be helpful). Plus, its nice to remember the the 5D mkii was one the standard cameras for years and it highly loved but it did have a focusing system very similar to the 6D.

    Coming from a 60D, you will love getting some range back, a 50MM will actually be a 50MM with full frame. And in low light situations, I have been extremely happy with the ISO capabilities. The x-sync speed of 180th of a second is a little bit annoying if you are trying to use flash to overpower the sun but I doubt 250th would be that much better. You have to use ND filters either way.

    Lastly, I would strongly recommending just getting the kit lens with the 6D (24-105 F4 L IS). This will give you additional range, and it comes with the 6D at a great price when on sale. I would recommend investing in faster glass after that. I got my 6D on bestbuy.com for 2,200 when it went on sale with the kit lens but the other day I saw it on sale for 2000. So thats just 200 more than the camera without the kit lens! Just keep watching for sales online if you are serious about getting a good deal.
  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Jozuna, thank you for your reply and sharing your thoughts and findings on the 6D.

    I've settled upon the 6D as my first FF camera and to put funds towards quality glass to put on it as you mentioned.
    With a longer term goal to upgrade to a 5D MkIV?? or whatever it maybe in a couple of years or so.
    The 24-105 is a nice focal range but I'm still undecided about that and the 24-70F4 L IS.

    Looking forward to adjusting to actual focal lengths and not having to factor by 1.6.

    Now to look for the best deals.


  • marcomarco Member
    Hi Tony,
    I have bought my 6D a few months ago, my previous body is the 7D. I use both for different situations. The 6D autofocus is simple with few focus points, but the center one is actually very good in low light: it works at -3EV, where the 5DIII focus points work down to -2EV. In low light the 6D center point beats every other camera on market now.
    Another thing, on the 6D opposed to the 7D there are less functions reachable through dedicated buttons. For me is a little awkward, but you get used to it. That is what you get for the bucks.
    Image quality wise, you'll se a very big improvement: no noise, i think i gained 3 stops in noise from the 7D.
    Awb is quite conservative, so in tungsten light for example you'll still get a yellow cast. If you're used to shoot in RAW, it won't be a problem.

    Now about the lenses: the 24-105 is one of the first two lenses I bought. It is fantastic!
    I've been using it on cropped sensors for years, end the only limitations were it not being wide enough in certain situations, and sometimes F4 not getting enough light. Switching to a full frame resolved both limitations, and on top you get more background blur than on a cropped sensor. The longer zoom makes it perfect for portraits (105mm on a full frame is like 65mm on a cropped sensor: you'll be very grateful for the extra reach).
    For the price you get for the 24-105 as a kit lens, it's really a no-brainer.

    Hope it helps,

  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Hi Marco, thanks for your reply it did help.

    After much reviewing, I've ordered a 6D with the 24-105 as a kit lens.

  • You wont be disappointed
  • I've just upgraded from a 550D to the 6D + 24-105, and I'm quite disappointed to be honest. In a like for like comparison using the same lenses there's no real difference. In most cases the 550D took a slightly better image I felt. Maybe I expected too much from my first full frame camera? Not had it long so maybe need to persevere and get to know the camera better.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    It could be that optically, the 550D delivered better, because it only gave you the central portion of the image. The 24-105 is a great lens, but it shows strong barrel distortion and vignetting - and this will be minimized on a crop-sensor camera.

    Where the real difference would come in, is with pushing your ISO higher. I'm convinced the 6D will perform better.
  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Well you were right, I wasn't disappointed.
    Got the 6D just before the Easter weekend so had a good opportunity to use it at a family get together.

    My first impressions were how much bigger and brighter the view finder was compared to my 60D.
    Well impressed with the images from the 6D+24-105 combination, straight out of the camera the colours looked great.

    Truly impressive low light/ high iso performance, I was pleased with the 60D's performance in this regard but the 6D
    blows it away but you guys already knew that.

    Looking forward to put my other lenses on it, especially the 85mm f1.8.

    Thanks to all.
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