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Shooting bodybuilder in gym with mirrors

dmcdtcdmcdtc Member
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Going to shoot a bodybuilder while he works out in a gym that has mirrors on the wall. Planning on bouncing BFT off the ceiling with on camera flash. Thoughts on controlling the light so I can minimize issues with flash spots on mirrors?




  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Here is a thread that was posted only a couple of months ago which may help.


  • dmcdtcdmcdtc Member

    The subject wants us to photograph him while he's working out. He will probably be wearing a shirts and shorts. There are mirrors throughout the gym so I'm concerned about flash spots/reflections.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    That would have to be on a 'see it to help' basis, but you could try shooting tight on him, get just sections of his body for appeal as starters, and gradually you can zoom out, shoot maybe from different angles where you are not visible in the mirrors, and trying different bounce options.

    I am sure there are locations in the gym you can move to, not all necessarily having to be shot from one spot.

    eg: get up high and shoot down on him as he does bench presses as he would be lying flat on back, get down really low and shoot up as he maybe does calf exercises. Use very shallow depth of field and large depth of field, change it up.

    Don't be caught on the notion of just having full/3-4 length shots of him, go tight, go wide.

    You could also shoot him directly from back if he does chin ups as he is looking in a mirror (if that's set up like that) where his body would be hiding you in the mirror say from backside up to get his shoulders.

    Lots of options available, you just have to see the potential when you are in the gym.
  • dmcdtcdmcdtc Member
    Awesome ideas Trev...thanks a bunch for the help.
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