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Picture style settings in the camera

CissyCissy Member
edited May 2011 in general photography
You are my new hero! I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and have learned so much, but haven't found any articles or discussion on the picture style setting in the camera. Do you use any of the settings in the camera or do you customize your own? If so, how do you know which settings to use.
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  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Cissy, if you shoot RAW which Neil does, it does not matter what Pic Style you use. Picture Styles only relate to jpegs, and since RAW is like an uncooked meatloaf, you have to 'cook it' in a RAW converter to give it 'the look' you want.

    Ideally with a RAW file you want a flat, dull image with no clipping [unless you are aware of shadows filling in or highlights blowing out in unnecessary areas] then you work the magic in a raw converter.

    Occassionally I shoot jpeg for quick jobs, and Standard is the norm, but at default.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Cissy ... the Canon Picture Styles are only retained if you use Canon's DPP software to process the raw files.

    Any other non-Canon software, will only keep the WB info. So you will have to set up your own defaults in the RAW program.
  • AllenAllen Member
    edited May 2011
    Cissy, thank you for starting this thread and Neil for this useful piece of info. I've assumed that, because ACR displays the picture style names (Standard, Landscape, Portrait etc.) in the camera profile drop-down list, that it reads the data from the file and displays the image with that information (but customisable). I've just taken 2 similar photos with the saturation set to +4 and -4 and copied them to my laptop and they displayed as expected (using the Canon RAW codec for Windows Vista). But when opening them in ACR they looked the same! It would appear that ACR only interprets the effect that Canon are aiming for:( You live and learn...

    P.S. Thanks to Neil I now shoot exclusively in RAW and do the simple edits in DPP and more complex ones in ACR.
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