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Impromptu Gear

jcgoodsonjcgoodson Member
edited July 2014 in the gear
I'm dedicating this thread to stories/experiences/photos where the shot required some type of impromptu or unorthodox setup. I suppose the BFT is a prime example of unorthodox photo gear that works quite well. I'll kick things off with this experience ...

... Recently, my wife and I took the kids to the beach for the first time -- a very long, 11-hour car ride. I'd been planning to take the world's best family photo at the beach. But, the second day, I pull out my gear and realize I'd left my soft box covers/baffles at home. I considered rigging up hotel bed sheets and/or pillow cases, but nothing was panning out. Then, my wife suggested my rash guard shirt. It's white, stretchy, and fits quite nicely over a 2'x2' soft box. The shirt, combined with a 1/2 CTS gel covering one half of the flash head (inspired by Neil) gave the illusion of me and the family being lit by the evening sun.

The first photo shows the impromptu soft box. It's a bit of a miracle that I'm even in the second photo. I ran back and forth between the camera and the family (to start the timer) so many times I thought I was going to collapse!



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