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Flash Triggers: YN622, RF-624, or something else?

jcgoodsonjcgoodson Member
edited July 2014 in flash & lighting
I'm looking to buy my first set of radio triggers and would appreciate any advice forum members might have. I own a Canon 7D and would like to trigger a Canon 580EX II and several Yongnuo YN560 II units. The Yongnuo YN622 triggers appear to offer a nice feature set. I've also come across the cheaper Meyin RF-624 triggers that appear to offer the same functionality as the Yongnuo triggers. Does anyone have any experience with these triggers and with gear similar to mine? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advance for your comments.



  • I don't have any experience with Yongnuo or Meyin. But I love Pocket Wizards. They are reliable and easy to use. I do not know how the price compares. The Plus III model is less expensive than the more sophisticated Flex TT5 model. The Plus III is not brand-specific so you can use with most cameras and flashes. It only triggers the flash, it does not communicate with the flash re settings, etc…. The TT5 communicates with the flash re settings so a lot of photographers prefer it. The TT5 is brand-specific so make sure you get the ones for Canon.
  • Thanks Skipperlange. I should have mentioned I'm on a budget, which is why I'm looking at some lower-cost options.

  • the yongnuo ttl triggers are very good. sometimes they don't fire and you need to take step forward or back for them to work but for the money...does not get any better.

  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Hi Justin

    I have been using the 622's for sometime now and they work flawlessly in my experience, very pleased with them.

    One downside is that the buttons are easily knocked so channels/groups can be changed without you realising.
    Also the wheel locking mechanism I'm not too keen on but you get used to it, I believe it's the same on the Yongnuo flashes too.

    With the 7D you will be able to control the power from the camera along with HSS,1st & 2nd curtain which is nice.

    These are the only radio triggers I've used (previously using wireless optical) so don't know how they compare to others.
  • dmcdtcdmcdtc Member
    Get the YN622n-TX transmitter as well. This controls the other transmitters with an easy to use/see display.

  • The TX is not available for canon...yet! But I will buy it when it does come available.
  • So I bought the YN622c transceivers. I am able to control my Canon 580EX II via the camera menu. However, it appears the output level of my YN560 II units cannot be adjusted via the camera menu. Although the transceivers still fire the Yongnuos, to adjust these manual flashes, I must use the buttons on the back. Can anyone confirm this behavior? I guess I was hoping to have full remote control of both the Canon and the Yongnuo units. Thanks in advance for any comments.


  • Well....... I bought the Canon 600ex RT plus ST-E3-RT Reciever...... Next im getting the Canon 5D mark3. So itll all work perfectly in harmony. At the moment I don't get full use because my old 5D mk1 is pre-2012 so its not completely integrating with the 600ex rt flash unit. But the beauty is as I add more speedlights I wont have to add more pesky little recievers because its all built-in radio transmission. Next few days im getting the Mk3..... unless I see a 1dx on Evilbay that's cheap enough.
    But I WILL say though it HAS been working for the most part on the 5D mk1....... but it halves your maximum sync speed on pre-2012 Canons.
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