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Alternative Camera Straps - Any Recommendations

TonyTTonyT Member
edited June 2014 in the gear
Having constantly whinged to myself about how awkward standard camera straps are when walking out and about for any length of time taking pics and done nothing about it, I thought it about time to look at a better alternative.

Have been looking at the Custom-SLR straps and the C-Loop adapter which looks quite good.
Only concern is, does it eventually loosen from the tripod mount? Do any of you guys use this, or have recommendations for other systems that are better than the standard straps?

Many thanks.


  • I have the Glide 1

    I like it a lot. Its light and comfortable. I really like the connector from the camera to the strap. Quick and easy to put your camera on or take it off when you want to. If tightened properly theres no way it will come loose.

    Since I carry 2 camereas a lot I just started using the Black Rapid Yeti.

    This works great with 1 or 2 cameras. Very comfortable. I dont like the connector as much as the Custom SLR strap. Its just not as easy to put the camera on and off. Camera security is about the same with either one.
  • TrevTrev Moderator


    You may be interested in this method for better placement of the camera body.


  • Hi All

    I have spine problems. The standard camera strap is no longer an option with a D3s and the 70/200. I now use a Black Rapid RS7. It’s a great help but for me I have to rest from time to time during the day. A really good strap but way over priced.


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Hi Graham,

    Have you seen the Spider Holster, I use it sometimes when I know I am going to be walking a fair bit, I have it in combination with the Think Tank's Steroid Belt, very wide, goes around the waist and you place an attachment on base of camera and it slides into the 'holster' on the belt so all the weight sits on your hips and in conjunction with the belt it's a fantastic back support.



  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Thanks for the suggestions guys, some good ones there.

    Particularly like the glide-strap and the Black Rapid RS7 . The camadapter is similar to the C-loop adapter, so could adapt my existing strap to one of these, but would think straps made by these companies would be more comfortable.

    The Spider-Pro gear looks very good, although quite pricey. Not sure about the holsters for walking about through crowds etc, perhaps not meant for that though.
  • TonyTTonyT Member

    They look quite nice, pricey though.
  • Trev

    That looks like a good idea for a strap. It makes me wonder if I would start walking with a swagger a little like John Wayne.

    I think adding a hand strap to the camera if using this belt would be wise although a little fiddly. Thanks.

  • TrevTrev Moderator


    I keep the normal shoulder straps that come with the camera on the bodies since I normally only use that Spider rig if I know I am going to be doing a fair bit of walking and cannot wheel my bag with stuff in it like among bush, sand.

    I can quickly swap out the cameras and still have the security of a strap and just sling it over a shoulder if not using any body, but having 2 cameras hanging off my shoulders, especially big Pro bodies and a 70-200mm lens for long periods certainly does not help with aching top body after 2-3 hours, but having the weight distributed over a wide belt off the hips sure helps.
  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Did you make a decision on what to get?

  • I was at a workshop recently and the photographer/instructor swore by straps from Think Tank. He said I should ditch the Nikon strap that the camera came with and get one from TT unless I wanted neck problems.
  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Trev, haven't purchased one yet.

    At this point I have the custom slr glide strap in mind as it looks to fit my needs.
    However I'm going to follow up on skipperlange's suggestion for the think tank strap to make sure I've looked at a good variety.

  • Oh camera straps. The one piece of gear that blindsided me by how much money I'd put into in my photography kit! After trying a few different set ups, there is no perfect strap for every situation that I've found :P My opinion on what I've tried (based on my experience with events/weddings):

    Black Rapid R-Strap: Great for shorter shoots; it's liberating to be able to hang your camera at your side and know it's still attached to you without fear of dropping. For me though, on longer shoots I would have back pain. The nylon strap also started to fray.

    Spider Holster: Awesome for shooting in one location for extended periods of time! If you're in studio or on location, you're not moving around too often so you won't be worrying about bumping into things/people with your camera on your hip. When you're not shooting and setting up lights or talking to your subject, it's easy to put the camera in the holster and carry on with what you need to do. Having all the weight on my hips prevented me from having back pain. However, it's not as smooth or fast to quickly grab the camera from the holster compared to the R-Strap. It's also a minor concern to not have a strap hanging off your shoulder to help prevent dropping your camera.

    R-Strap + Spider Holster Combo: Tried this for one wedding to carry two camera bodies. Decent set up, kept my primary zoom on the R-Strap for easy access, and kept telephoto zoom on the Spider Holster. Keeping the weight on the hips, again, helped greatly in reducing back pain. Still had back pain from the R-Strap.

    Hold Fast Gear Money Maker: http://hold-fast.myshopify.com/collections/all/products/money-maker-luxury-leather-multi-camera-strap
    First things first: yes, this strap is $200. Ridiculous, right? Not so fast...the most ridiculous part for me was how painless it was to carry two camera bodies for 12-hours a day without feeling burdened or aching at the end of it. I had some serious reservations about this strap since it kept all the weight on your upper body, so I expected back pain. Perhaps due to it distributing the weight across both shoulders it helps in reducing stress (as opposed to the R-Strap being on one shoulder only), but I will swear by this strap for all future events and weddings. I'm a little sore at the end of the night, but that's a big difference from being in pain. It's a huge investment, and I would honestly only recommend it to wedding photographers. If you're not on your feet all day running around with two cameras, then the $200 won't make sense to other types of photographers. Weddings and all day events, though...it's been a lifesaver.
  • Does anyone have any feed back on the Optech system specifically the sling attachment?
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