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Getting consistency on sunny/cloudy/sunny/cloudy days

BrianSBrianS Member
edited May 2011 in wedding photography

I would like to know how you go about getting consistent exposures when shooting formals on a day when the weather is constantly changing.
I recently shot some formals as the sun kept peeking out. It was one of those days where the cloud cover was changing quickly.......sun/clouds/hazy sun etc....

I typically shoot in manual but due to the weather my meter kept jumping all over the place. I ended up switching over to shutter priority so that I would hopefully get some consistency and I am relatively happy with the results.

On the drive home I thought maybe I should have set my off camera flash so that I would get a constant reading on the group and then leave my aperture alone.

Just wondering how you handle this type of situation.





  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Brian .. tough one to be dogmatic about.
    I really really prefer shooting in manual mode on my camera.

    But when I was in Ireland for the workshops, the attendees there mentioned how much the light changed with clouds constantly coming in front of the sun. I had to agree with them - you'd drive yourself nuts having to shoot fast, and constantly adjust your settings.

    So in a situation like you describe, I'd resort to aperture priority.
    Depth-of-field is usually the first concern, and therefore the variable we tend to control first.
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