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Slow pc

cakencameracakencamera Member
edited August 2014 in home
My pc specs: quad core 2.4, 6gb ram, 64 bit windows 7,nvidia 1gb graphics card, still slow when running PS and LR together. It's running 12gb of virtual memory, surely something's amiss here? It should be flying along no?


  • StephenStephen Member
    edited August 2014
    PS and LR generally need a lot more RAM than 6 GB, especially when both are active. Try 16 GB - 32 GB of RAM.

    The 12 GB of virtual memory is not helpful, because you only have 6 GB of physical memory. The remaining 6 GB (that gives you a total of 12 GB) is the software/operating system swapping data in a memory address to the hard drive. Hard drive access is "slow" compared to accessing the physical memory.

    In summary: buy more RAM for your PC.
  • 6 GB is small by today's standards so that could be the problem or at least part of the problem, but it's possible something else is contributing. There are many possibilities, and little information to go on.

    For example:
    - Hard drive could be nearly filled.
    - Hard drive could be slow, in general.
    - PC could be slowed down by software which is always running (eg. antivirus software, spyware, adware, viruses, etc.).
    - CPU could be limiting. cakencamera, when you say "quad core 2.4" do you know specifically what CPU you have? There are a number of CPUs that fall into that description, ranging from years old to brand new, and there is a huge difference between them.
    - Are your image files and LR catalog on an internal hard drive, or are they on a USB connected drive?
    - How old is this computer?
  • I doubt just upgrading my ram wont be enough, so I'll be building a new machine slowly, ssd drive and plenty of ram along with a decent graphics card.
  • My pc is a few years old, I guess I'm behind the times. Hard drive isn't half filled yet, images are on internal drve and separate drives. When I bought the machine 3 years ago I bought it as a gaming machine so new it should be fast and able to handle PS and LR. I guess I need to update.
  • I thought mine was great a few years back...lol... here is a link to the same issue Trev gave me some help with. I am beyond happy with this unit. CS6 is super fast and smooth now. Don't even have to select a smaller area of the image for the liquefy tool to actually open now!

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