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What to do when the client wants more

PDH7981PDH7981 Member
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I recently shot a family where a member of the family is terminally ill. They wanted a lasting memory with all the family members. After delivering the images, the family was thrilled with the results. Like always, I selected the best images and post-processed them before release. They realized I took many more photographs than what I ultimately delivered and they're asking for more images. I really don't want to provide any additional images because I don't consider them to my standard. It could be anything from poor composition, kids looking the wrong way, blur... you name it, these images just aren't what I typically deliver. I'm trying to weigh out the fact that the family would like to have everything. I'm just not sure how to answer them knowing the situation. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • TrevTrev Moderator


    You have to remember, this is a special case and they will treasure even the most grainiest, blurred images for a lifetime.

    Just think of all those 'old' images from World War II, what treasures they hold for surviving family members, but by today's 'perfect' standards maybe would not make the final cut so to speak.

    Tell them you have those images, but also tell them you were so concerned with getting quality images to them you wanted only the 'best of the best' and certainly if they wanted to choose some more (I don't know how you worked 'payment' etc., maybe put a bulk price on the remainder) and let them decide.

    Most certainly I would give them the option, maybe do some small res watermarked 'proofs' and let them decide or however you choose in the first place.

    But my answer, personally, would be in the affirmative on the understanding that you only release them for their personal benefit.
  • Thanks Trev... yes, I decided just to go ahead and provide a few more images from the set. Spent some extra time in LR and PS tonight, but I feel better doing it than not doing it. Thanks for the advice. It is the right thing to do.
  • It's generous and kind of you to provide additional images. But I know what's coming next. They'll want all of them, every last one of the ill family member. And I understand this and sympathize. If they don't see everything they'll imagine there are some they want, some that capture so and so in a way the others don't. So I'd let them see them all, for their peace of mind, and they can choose. Price accordingly. Explain there are some of poor quality, as is always the case, and most people understand that every shoot has rejects. Explain you're making an exception letting them see the outtakes.
  • Skipperlange... I'm going to see if the additional images satisfy. You may be right. They may want to see them all. If that's the case after I've provided these additional images, I'm ok with letting them view my entire folder. Again, once they see the additional images, if they still want more, I will make that offer.
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