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Softboxes - Westcott Rapid Box 26 or SMDV Diffuser-60/70

TonyTTonyT Member
edited August 2014 in the gear
Hi all

I'm looking to expand my light modifiers to include softboxes (medium sized) for better light control. On the back of many good recommendations I was looking at the Westcott Rapidbox 26in and extra deflector plate. One of the reviewers recommended the SMDV-60 diffuser over the Rapidbox saying that it gave a more even spread and much softer light than the Rapidbox.
A quick google search showed a softbox similar to the rapidbox but six sided and double baffled and quick to setup. The speedring is inserted onto 2 rods on the main bracket, you adjust the height to suit your speedlite. Because these rods are a reasonable distance apart they will easily accomodate a radio trigger (YN622), on the Rapidbox it would be tight up against the bracket but then I could always turn the flash head through 180deg.

I was all set to get the 26in Rapid box (maybe I shouldn't read so many reviews) but now I'm looking into the SMDV diffuser perhaps the 70cm (28in) version.
Don't know if I'm just splitting hairs wondering if one is better than the other but if anyone has any experience using the SMDV softboxes I'd be interested to hear what you think of them. Plenty of people have good things to say about the Rapid box.

Many thanks,


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