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NEW Canon bodies soon!

Canon 7D Mark II - Soon!
Canon 5D Mark IV - Jan/Feb 2015
Canon 1DX Mark II - Jan/Feb 2015


  • Good . I'll watch for the 5Diii prices to come down. I rarely use my 7D but will be interesting to see what the II has to offer.
  • 7d MK ii is expected today but the other two are not going to be replaced for some time. There aren't any good rumors about their imminent replacement anyway...
  • Ever since I went full frame so many moons ago I find that I would not have a need for the 7D series.

    The 5D Mark IV will appear in January, February or March of next year. On the previous products, there was about a 3-4 year span between updates and we have now reached that threshold. Rumors out there say the 5D Mark IV is now with the "Explorers of the Light".

    I am about 90% certain they will announce the new 5D in the first or second quarter of next year. 100% certain there will be no announcement this year.
  • Some sample images for the Canon 7D Mark II at this link:

    ISO 6400 picture looks good and the 12800 looks good for web work.  Im very impressed at the high ISO quality considering this is an APS-C sensor.  Im wondering about the coming 5D Mark IV...
  • The 7D MK II is a monster and it's on pre-order. This is a first for me since I never jump in early but this camera is everything I wanted. It basically is a crop sensor 5D MK III but with better AF, video (not that I use it) and more DoF given the same f stop. Perfect for some weddings or other dark venue when you need more DoF but need to shoot wide open. 

    I have never understood why people say "good for web work." Prints are more forgiving than a back-lit monitor throwing light into the shadows. I have an ISO 25600 print and it looks fine and better than web in regards to noise. 
  • I'll look forward to seeing what the 5Div will have in store, hopefully 5Diii bodies will drop, or I may just save for a iv if it might be affordable. Either will be better than the 6D that's for sure.

  • Well... I used image resources "Comparometer" and at 3200 ISO the Canon 6D looked less noisy than the Canon 7D Mark II.  In fact, the Canon 7D Mark II looked just a tad noiser than the Canon 5D Mark II.  My thoughts in regards to low ISO ability is the 7D Mark II will fall somewhere in between the 70D and the 5D Mark II in ISO ability.  This is, of course, according to my personal unscientific opinion just using their comparometer.  You might have different observations. 

    For my purposes, I found the Canon 5D Mark III is right at the cusp of low light ability for what I do.  When I was at the US Open, I felt I needed just a bit more ISO to get more shutter speed, but didnt want to push it.  In plain English, I need more ISO out of Canon.  I suspect we will see about a 30-50% increase in high ISO ability.

    I actually took the Canon 6D deal at $1300 on Ebay.  I couldnt pass that up as it will make for a great travel camera which I could afford to break and lose.  

    So which one would I get if I had a choice between the 6D at $1300 or the 7D Mark II at $1800?  I would get the 6D.  If I could wait, than I would get the Canon 5D Mark IV next year.  If you are interested in getting a 5D Mark III there are plenty of used ones coming out on Ebay.  Just saw one for $2250 and new ones for $2500.  Low pricing is a sign that something new is coming.  
  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
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    When I looked back and forth at the different pictures from the 5D Mark III and the 6D, the 5D Mark III just looked a tad bit sharper to my eye when zoomed...pixel peeping.  The 5D Mark III does have more megapixels thus the reason why the 5D Mark III looks a bit sharper.  If we were to place the 6D and 5D Mark III pictures printed out on the table I do not believe you will be able to tell the difference.  

    The difference is when using the cameras.  The 5D Mark III is a bit faster and has a focus system suited for Sports and Fashion photography.  I think you can still use the 6D professionally if you know how the focus system on that camera works.  Lesser focus systems have been used in the past for weddings, events and fashion shows.  If I had a 6D like Cakencamera, would I go out and purchase the 5D Mark III?  No I wouldnt.  I would just use the 6D and learn the focus system to compensate for my needs.  All you get with the 5D Mark III is a different focus system and faster camera which can be compensated for through photographer technique.  

    At this point, we are probably 5 months away from a big announcement give or take.  I have no doubt the Canon 5D Mark IV will be 3-4k and the 1DX II will be near 10k.  The prices will most certainly be more expensive.  I think Canon is going to test the waters as far as pricing and really push it.
  • Plus dual card slots of course MichaelV, something I am always concious of when shooting a wedding. I'm not sure If I've got a bad 6D or not, but what I have noticed is two things, it underexposes by at least a stop to a stop and a half, the other thing is in low light the colour balance seems to be all over the place.
  • You have hit upon two known issues with the Canon 6D and the camera should be sent to the repair depot before the warranty is up.  

    There are actually known issues with every piece of Canons equipment.  Canon knows about them and even issues warnings to its repair depots about them, however, its up to you to find them out.  Canon will not announce the problems within its equipment because they would lose money.  Some people live with the issues.  I have had my Canon 24-70 II back to the depot a few times along with my Canon 5D Mark III and other assorted flash equipment.  Now I just drive down to the depot located in NJ as its faster.

    Be forewarned the depot will keep your equipment 1-2 weeks.  
  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
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    I just got my new Canon 6D out of the box and as soon as I started playing with it I must be honest, I absolutely hate it.  I just messaged the seller that I would like to return it.  The deal breaker for me is no joystick focus control.  Ive gotten so used to the joystick that I cant go back to a lesser focus system.  

    I bought this camera as a run-about travel camera so I dont risk my Canon 5D Mark III bodies, but I just cant get past not having the joystick to maneuver the focus points.  I know its something small, but I cant enjoy this camera as much as my 5D Mark III bodies.  Its true.  Lesser cameras have been used for events, but I just couldnt get past the lack of a joystick.  

    All this being said.  I believe they will announce the 5D4 in January or February.  I would wait for that camera rather than getting a 5DIII...
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I'd have to agree, no joystick for focal points, no joy from me.

    My mate has 5d MkIII's but he refuses to use the 'joystick' for some obscure reason, like going back to an old manual typewriter instead of a computer.
  • woosterwooster Member
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    I currently have a 5D Mk3 and a backup 5D Mk2 which are my main work tools. I also have a 7D which I use for the odd hobby shots of wildlife or relatives playing sports

    I can't get stirred by these updates though. I'm not interested in the 7D mkII. I love my 5D Mk 3 which does everything I want, so the alleged replacement isn't something I'm getting excited by either. TBH, the Mk2 was perfectly adequate for just about anything I used it for. Probably more weddings have been shot on that model than most other modern cameras put together. The Mk3 had some nice improvements most notably the AF but if my Mk2s had been in great nick I'd have stayed with them. 

    At the moment, if I needed a camera, which I don't, I wouldn't wait for anything that might or might not be round the corner. I'd just buy a Mk3 and be happy. Everything out there is so much better than we can really utilise I'd keep my money. I can understand the hope that their price will drop but I don't recall that happening by so much in the past. ( I might be wrong, I kind of lose track of these things ) Of course Canon might bring out something absolutely amazing which would make me change my mind and if they do, then I'd be happy to take back my words ;-)

  • Here is my 7D at 12,800 with some NR using PS. I'm pretty happy with my 5D3. I'll have think about the 7D which has never really failed me.  

  • Photokina was a big disappointment for me. I thought there would be new wonder bodies and wonder lenses. What we got was not anything I could use. The 7D Mk II does have a certain place. There is going to be a time when you need more zoom and the 7D will be part of the solution which is the crop sensor. I can imagine a photojournalist might need that extra zoom. A 7d MK II combined with Sigmas new 600mm zoom and a 1.4 teleconverter....
  • Well it was too hard to pass up the pre release special for us Canadians. You get a 24-70 F4 IS for $399. 

    Plus a gift pack.

    - Limited Edition EOS 7D Mark II branded Waterproof Jacket
    - Limited Edition Canon Hansa Model Camera
    - EOS 7D Mark II Branded Smartphone Skin Voucher

    I'm going to throw in the gift pack when I sell the lens. 
  • edited October 2014
    I saw that deal and was tempted to order from Canada but with taxes, shipping and possible import duty (tax), I decided to go via Amazon (no tax). Mine should be here by the 31st of October and it will get a wedding workout on the 2nd of November. I love how some people shoehorn cameras into niches based on specs. 7D has its "place" in wildlife or sports but not as a portrait or wedding camera? Here is a quote from the movie The Big Chill a movie:

    Michael: I don't know anyone who could get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations. They're more important than sex.

    Sam Weber: Ah, come on. Nothing's more important than sex.

    Michael: Oh yeah? Ever gone a week without a rationalization?  

    I saw some high ISO on popphoto and they are VERY good. This is 6400 pushed 1/2 stop in post!
    Damn good....damn good!

    That is better than the mk i at 400 iso :)
    You have to click through to photo number 8. I tried to attach it but it did not work. 
  • Yes it will compliment my 5D3 nicely. The MK2 is not a revolution and I never really struggled with my 7D but I'll take the improvement in noise. I do some pretty heavy cropping for my wildlife stuff. If I shoot low light then I usually use the FF anyway. The back layout is similar regarding the Q button location etc, and the AF menus will be more similar so that just will make things more simple. I programmed the set button on the 7D to act as the Q button. Now both the 5D3 and 7D2 will have the dedicated button in the same location. Consistency in those types of things helps more than you realize when you are busy.

  • ZenonZenon Member
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    Got mine today. Only had a few hours to play with it but here are my first impressions. Gonna try to head out tomorrow for some birding.   

    1. Shutter is quiet- 10 FPS is cool

    2. Finally- I updated to DPP 4 and I did not have to restart the computer. I like the new layout.

    3. NR adjustments in DPP 4 are fast - not painfully slow like 3 or older. One of my previous complaints.

    4. I took one shot at ISO 5000 to see and an obvious improvement in high ISO noise. I even disabled it and transferred to PS and it looked pretty damn good. It will never match my FF but I'm impressed so far. 

    5. Finally they added a few back buttons you can program to switch between One Shot and AI servo. You still have to hold  it but it is far easier using your thumb than trying to locate the DOF button when you are busy. Canon - time for a FM update for the 5D3. One of my biggest complaints for years.  

    6. The new AF selector on the outside of the multi-controller to change focus group modes. Awesome feature and will be a huge bonus for birding and sports. I'd pay to send my 5D3 in for a retro if they offered it much like the retro locking mode dial on my 7D. Previously you had to press two buttons to do this.   

  • It's about time Canon announced the 5D Mark lV.

    I am poised to order the Nikon D810 but a part of me wonders what the new Canon will be like, for some strange reason Canon still seems like a preferable brand for some reason, but after extensive reading it seems that Canon are better for video, Nikon for stills with better DR and overall sharpness... so Nikon it will be for me but when the new Canon comes out I will be really curious as Nikon and Sony sure seem to be dominating the DSLR market right now, as for the 7D Mark ll, personally I did not think it lived up to the hype after such a long wait, seems to me that although the 7D was and still is a very popular camera, the 7D Mark ll is not hugely different.

    Surely with the 5D Mark lV, Canon really need to pull out all the stops to get back in the full frame market, just as well the 7D and 5D Mark lll were so popular, yet it's now time for Canon to increase their DR and MP also... then I think many Canon users will be happy again.
  • Rumours about the canon 3D look exciting >> My take on it (I hope links are ok here Neil, if not please remove) 
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