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New Nikon D750

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I see the New Nikon FF D750 has an Aticulating rear LCD screen much like many of the Sony cameras do, particularly the NEX line. My My!..I've been on many sites, this one included, and was told by almost every Nikon and Canon shooter that would never happen!! "Oh, we don't need that sort of gimmick, besides it's one more thing to break". I love this!!! I shoot with Sony A77, and A99 FF, and love this feature!!


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    Kinda had an idea there wouldn't be many replies to this post...Nikon/Canon shooters entrenched and won't admit when they see a good thing if it comes from another Camera manufacturer. Shame really.
  • I can't think of any reason for an articulating screen for what I do. I thinks it's more of a video shooters thing, honestly. Give me a nice solid-feel-in-the-hand body with just an LCD screen and I'm a happy man.
    I don't favor smaller lighter bodies, btw.
  • I don't favor smaller lighter bodies, btw.

    Me neither. Whatever this camera's merits, it's not worthy of being called the D700 replacement/successor.
  • Articulating screen eliminates laying on ground, also ability to hold camera at an elivated position over crowds and such and still have perfect sight line to rear LCD.... Why would you call it not worthy of being a D700 replacement? Odd statement. My A77 and A99 both bigger then then the D700 or pretty darn close. The Nikon D750 seems like a great camera, not bashing it at all. My point was how Canon/Nikon shooters thought the idea of a rear articulating LCD screen was gimicky and would never be adapted to THEIR line. LOL
  • HowieHowie Member
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    ^ Well, I actually think the screen function is a good idea. At times I also shoot with my camera over my head or at ground level so I can see the benefit.

    It's not a D7xx camera because the form factor and functional control layout is not what dedicated D700 users wanted in a new camera, i.e., it's not a pro body. To wit: limited external controls (no af-on button is a huge issue), lower fps, questionable buffer size, viewfinder with no shutter, slower flash sync, scene modes?!, no CF cards. There's probably more that could be added to the list.

    This camera is a D6xx, which is fine, but Nikon shouldn't pretend they've created the D700's successor because they haven't.
  • Yeah I think Nikon may have dropped the ball on calling it the replacement to the D700, a great camera BTW. Aside from that, my point still stands, Nikon incorporated something initially thought as gimicky. Rear articulating LCD screen. Very usefull feature from my perspective. The one on my A77 and A99 tilts up and down, and back and forth. This allows me to see rear LCD perfectly when Camera is positioned in Portrait mode.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Sometimes I wish I had it on my Nikon bodies, especially when I am lying in wet sand trying for that sky hugging sunset Ron.  :(

  • It does come in handy a lot of times...Should be incorporated into all DSLR bodies. As with anything, it's good know it's there, whether you use it or not,. as with Video on DSLR's
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
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    Just to throw this into the discussion - if anyone wanted to order a Nikon D750,
    this B&H affiliate link would help support this site.
  • Neil, what's your take on this new D750?
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    If I hadn't just bought a D810 to supplement two D4 bodies, I'd be all over it. 
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    Nice gear you have there sir!! 

  • Ah, so now here   some have the new Nikon D750, even after some have called it not a real D700 replacement and gimicky...As with everything, things change, as do peoples minds.



            I had the Nikon D700, and noise levels look pretty much the same as with the new D750.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Are you sure?  Here's the D700 against the rest. It doesn't hold up so well against the recent cameras. 
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    Yeah, I've seen those Neil, and thanks for the link...I can only go by my direct  comparisons Neil, and honestly, that's all that counts. Posting statistics,  and showing images online at various iso's means zero to me. DXO Scores and all that  have  no impact on my photography nor the gear I choose. The user reviews and experiences def  worth the read and I do get a lot of usefull information from them. With my FF Sony A99, I'm VERy satisfied with it's high ISO performance as well as Frame Rate and AF capabilites. Even my A77 hasn't let me down. Recently shot a Sweet 16 Event, with both my A77 and A99..I had my A77 set at 1600 ISO and it performed better then I had expected. having  both Cropped and Full Frame Sony cameras more then satisfies ALL my photographic needs. And I still Love Nikon cameras..From my first which was a N90s, then D200, then D90, Then D300, then D300S, then D700, and lastley the D7000. I guess you can see I was very heavily entrenched   into Nikon gear.  Now, I'm back with Sony...Fits my needs  perfectly. EVF was the game changer for me, and says it all!

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Show some of your direct comparisons? 
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    No direct comparisons between the old D700 and the new D750 on my end Neil...don't own the New D750...what I may see as perfectly fine, you on the other hand may see lots of noise...I also am not blowing these up to full res...if you mean comparisons between my Sony a77 or A99, no I don't...I only go by what i see, and if my few customers like it, then I'm good.
  • Sounds like your Sony gear is perfect for you. Enjoy!

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