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nude photography

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
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The photographer, Trevor Christensen, did a series of portraits of people, while he, the photographer is in the nude. The reaction of his subjects are priceless.



  • Even Chloe the cat looks a little surprised.
  • Oh puh-leeze. This pervert is trying to legitimize this kinky absurd behavior by saying he's just trying to make his subjects more comfortable by making himself more vulnerable. He's just leveling the playing field, is his explanation. There's something wrong with someone who feels he is being creative or clever or even improving his portraits by taking pictures naked. He's probably doing this for the thrill of it, to see his subjects' reactions. He needs help.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Oh, I am sure none of his subjects where there under duress.
  • I'd have to agree Skipperlange...


    1. very interesting idea. nobody is making the subjects participate in the project. relax people. if God wanted you to be naked you would have been born that way. the human body is beautiful in all its many incarnations, it is what has attracted many of us to want to be photographers.
  • edited October 2014

    I'd have to greatly disagree with you groomsphoto,


                       Never did it enter my mind to capture people  nude initially. When I first starting shooting film in late 70's, it was all about capturing people in candid moments, not nude moments. Loved seeing peoples faces after having the film developed and they were completely unaware. Priceless.  I'm taking a leap here and   guessing you're a Wedding photographer by your  user name? You know as well as I do, all the Posed Wedding shots are  nice and all. but most photographers strive to capture those intimate, candid,  unaware moments. For the most part, most of the MONEY shots are quite boring, from my perspective. For others, they're fantastic!...Great. As you can see, I'm generalizing, as  with the comment that, "its what has  attracted  many of  us to want to be photographers", is generalizing.

    No  disrespect  intended, nor implied.


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