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As an adjunct to the Tangents blog, the intention with this forum is to answer any questions, and allow a diverse discussion of topics related photography. With that, see it as an open invitation to just climb in and start threads and to respond to any threads.



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  • Thanks for the great info. I will definitely gel my flash at this particular location on my next visit. I can move people some of the time, but I was asked to shoot candids as they networked and not interfere with their networking. Thanks everyone f…
  • The light is so low that I would have to set my ISO at 3200, 1/30 sec shutter speed, f 2.8 aperture. In addition this particular venue has installed overhead bulb lights that are orange in color and cannot be white balanced, custom or auto. If I exp…
  • I am using manual settings and my lenses do not vary in aperture. Often cannot use TTL because of very low light situations and need to use focus assist light. The IR transmitter is working. I would like to not use diffusers, but I almost have to sh…

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