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  • Remember, the Sunny 16 rule grew from the data sheets supplied with film when shutters were full stop detents and the aperture ring on the camera was 1/2 stop clicks. Also, there was another suggestion for glare, snow etc. as well as bright shade a…
  • I know some photographers that are using innovatronix battery packs with their Elinchrom lights and are happy with them. I use Einsteins with their pack. It is definitely a nice solution. Well worth it rather than investing in a new pack and head s…
  • The Cheetah Light is a great tool. The H mode is a rapidly cycling burst of light just as a speedlite in HSS. However, there is no control via TTL with the camera. H mode costs about 1 stop of light. Also, because the CL-xxx is now a constant light…
  • Get a mono Y cable from Radio Shack and then use your mini-jack to PC cables with the screw lock.
  • When I photograph art for a gallery, museum or artist I use at least two monolights, or strobes. Photographing a color checker in the same light is essential as well. Place the lights at least 45* off axis and aim them about half way between the cen…

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