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  • I know this is a late reply but hopefully it helps a bit. Flash tubes and power. These little nukes put out a lot of juice in a very short time. Any resistance to the transmission of that power translates into heat. Gels, front freznel, cheap ba…
  • The white foamy thing was likely acting as a diffuser and putting more direct light on your subject so the flash was firing at a lower power. As for the etching...try putting a piece of white paper right on the end of the flash and fire it at 1/1. …
  • I have a buddy that has a dual D700 setup (one wide, one telephoto) and uses two FlexTT5 + AC3 units to control the same speedlights. The firmware from pocketwizard is a key though and some earlier ones were a bit buggy but it seems to work for him…
  • Martin, it's best to experiment, read and learn the ins and outs of your gear and stay humble about what you're willing to take on until you're confident in the basic and your gear. Beware the thrifty family member or friend that comes to you becau…
  • Your camera has a limited amount of time that the curtain shutter can open fully before the second curtain begins closing...called the 'sync speed'. The sync speed is important because your flash pop has a limited duration. Shooting BELOW your syn…
    in Hypersync Comment by kkjensen July 2011
  • Screw on solutions won't have the adjustability needed to line up the gradient with the part of your image that is too bright. The whole holder is necessary to get this done right and free up your hands. I have just one of these filters (pretty d…

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