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  • OK Trev, that's definately cleared things up for me, thank you so much for taking the time on this to reply, I really appreciate it. Many Thanks again David.
  • Neil, I have just photographed my last wedding for this yr and I have some really great shots of the bride and groom at the reception dancing and they are correctly exposed while still capturing the dj lights shining on them and in the backround. Bu…
  • I will Trev as soon as I can get my hands on it. Every store I called have a huge waiting list for this lens and Nikon are saying anything up to 6 weeks to arrive in the uk. I am hiring the lens for my forthcoming weddings this weekend and the next.…
  • Thanks Trev, it's a tricky one, I have read Ken Rockwells review, as I do with all lenses I look to buy and he really does think that the 16-35 is the dogs bollox. I will let you know this weekend my decision.
  • Hi Neil, thank you for post on this subject. I noticed after watching your fusion clip that you were stood just off camera to the right whilst photographing the couple light the lantern but I couldn't help notice flash coming from your general direc…
    in Sky Lanterns Comment by David67 May 2012
  • Hahaha, Let me know how you get on Mgarber if you experiment b4 I do. I am tempted with some dramatic gelled off camera flash on the couple while still retaining the ambiant glow from the lantern. I'm off to the shops now!!!!
    in Sky Lanterns Comment by David67 May 2012
  • That's seams like sound advice, thankyou my friend.
  • Thanks Trev, some really good points to ponder over!! I'll have to set up a trial run i think to see what results are best for me. Yes, wow, that is a great shot above, the sheer amount of lanterns makes it a bit special also, Nice elevation, tripod…
  • Hi guy's, many thanks for your responses. My vision for my images would be to get down low with a wide angle lens and shoot close up with my sb910 gelled so as to illuminate the bride and groom letting go of there lantern. Would these setting work a…
  • Thankyou guy's, i took my flash off stand-by mode and hey presto...... works great. Many Thanks.
  • hi Jay, my first system was the yongnuo system, only to read the small print when it arrived that it was not compatible with sb600's. Then I did some more research into another affordable wireless remote trigger which was the PT-04NE which I saw dem…
  • Thanks for that guy's, gelling my flash and learning about how it all works is next on my list.
  • Hey Stephen, for quick and ease, could you just set your wb to flash and shoot with either gel on ttl flash. Would you be way off with the wb or do you need to set it manually at all times when gelling your flash?
  • In the end I Positioned the staff shots inside the main entrance and used off camera flash then photographed donna outside using the same off camera flash with 80-200 lense. I'm fairly pleased with the results.
  • Thanks Neil, I've read your site from top to tail and really enjoy learning from you. I've decided to photograph my head shots by positioning my subjects inside the reception part of the building where there is plenty of daylight coming through and …
  • Would it be your preference neil? I only have a limited range of lenses and I want to get good results from my before and after head shots (close up) as it will be showing off there make-up.
  • As Neil say's, a max of 2 or 3 shots required of the speaker, then, depending on who the speaker is talking about at his/her part of the speach then zoom in on the bride/groom/mother/father of the bride/bridesmaids etc for there reactions to the spe…
  • Hi Neil, I own a d700, which was a big chunk of money for me, but i wanted to start my career with a great camera, however getting the money together in a short space of time for top lenses i.e 70-200 was out of my reach, so, unfortunately had to co…
  • Thanks stronoob, it's all helpful stuff!!!!
  • Thanks guy's, I'm also wondering how best to light them!!! I'm wondering wether to use natural light with off camera flash or just to rely on soft window light, any suggestions would be most helpful. David.
  • Thanks Jack, I'll try that.
  • Thanks stephen, I'll check it out.
  • Thanks for the onesty guy's, I think I knew that would be the reaponse. I have 5 weddings so far booked in and would love a 2nd camera to shoot with at these weddings. I don't think I can muster up enough dough in such a short space of time. It hasn…
  • Excellent, thanks Steve, I'll go for it I think.
  • Thanks again stephen, all of your advice has been greatly received and funnily enough SteveH I was thinking that there must be something on the market to block the pre flash from the pop up and if not Mgarber I was going to make something to fit ove…

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