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  • In a recent wedding (see another posting of mine) I had the opportunity to try these suggestions out when shooting a candle-lit/some ambient window-lit table with food. I did several test shots without flash, raising the ISO until I got a nice expos…
  • Well, the shoot is over and it didn't go too bad. At least I got some great shots and learnt a lot. Yes, I really should practice on friends first, but didn't have the opportunity this time around. Bright sun outside with very limited time to shoot…
  • I saw a video by Jasmine Star where she explained how she preferred not to give exact directions because that made the image static and lifeless. I guess the key is to have some poses to start with, then let the rest flow by itself as you keep a rel…
  • Yes, both very good and informative articles as always. I understand the principle of mixing ambient with flash but actually I think my problem has more to do with big differences in the light and dark parts of my scene. The ambient part of the sh…
  • Yes, camera M mode is a must in many situations. I used to use Av almost exclusively, but I've grown to like M so now it's mostly manual for me. So you meter (evaluative) for the whole scene (with the camera's light meter?), then adjust the exposur…
  • I'm trying to set up a shot with one or two persons sitting next to a table which is lit by a candle (or a similar type candle-lit shot) and make it actually look like that. I'm under the impression that a normal camera can't handle the dynamic rang…
  • Thanks for your comments. Mgarber: that's very useful and relevant information -how a lens can distort from not only too close but also too far away. I'd like to learn more about those things; are there any good sites/books on the subject?

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