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  • Thanks Neil. I'll look into what's available this side of the pond. Best wishes Iain
  • Wot he said. Right click on a preset and pick show in folder. Iain
  • Dave, When you are far from subject, often safe to use centre point and recompose. Close up, ie portraits or headshots and such like, I try to get a focus point where I want it. More critical as F no. goes from 4 towards 2 etc. My Nikons have a joyp…
  • Thanks guys. I think Hogan is probably right, I had thought of that too. When I took picture, I was thinking along the lines of what Dave said. Definitely not shake, she is sharp. Lens is 17-55 2.8dx, top notch. I've noticed before in landscape pict…
  • Dave,My clients get a usb stick containing 'web ready' copies of their photos that they have picked for prints or an album. They can then use them for Facebook, web, email etc and have a small file size, usually 1000pixels long edge, 72ppi and 75% q…
  • As Tony said Dave, try a reset.Also make sure the cursor is on the correct group when trying to zoom the flash from the tx. Iain
  • dBrunoI don't think the YN622c transceivers will let you change the flash zoom setting. You need to get a YN622C-TX to allow this to be done from the camera end. Can't remember if the flash will zoom when the normal transceiver is on the camera and …
  • You can control what Lightroom sharpens using the masking slider under the details tab. If you hold down the alt key when moving the slider, you can see what is going to have sharpening applied to it.It is very effective and I have never felt the ne…
  • They have arrived.They look well put together and not cheap and nasty like some Chinese stuff. The AF light on the TX did not work with my D200, fine on D300. Upgraded the firmware and it works fine now. Took some shots with both cameras, have to sa…
  • OK, so I went and ordered the Yongnuo TTL trigger set. The ones with the AC3 like controller (for Nikon). They should arrive tomorrow, so I will have a play with them.Looking forward to getting flash off camera more. Also got a 24" softbox and light…
  • Yeh, some people get bidding fever, it is quite funny!Now deciding whether to splash for the PWs or go for the Yongnuos. Hmmm. I could get 3 YN kits for 1 flex +TT1 +AC3. Iain
  • Some dimwit just bought 2 USED  PW Flex for £120 each on ebay. They are £145 brand new. I kept bidding to push the price up! :-))Iain
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I am bidding on PW stuff on Ebay tonight but, sheesh, some people just don't know when to quit. It is USED gear after all. If I don't get any then the YN622 system with the TX (AC3 similar) can be got for £90 on Amazon -…
  • A South African that doesn't do sarcasm?Now you are pulling my chain! :-) Iain
  • When I viewed your post on my phone Neil, I thought you were being a smart arse. Then I realised it was a LINK :-DIt confirmed what I already thought, so I'm not doing anything wrong.CheersIain
  • Looks good to me Bud, good job.If it was me, I would up the exposure on the boy about 1/3 of a stop(2nd pic) or angle softbox slightly higher. Looks good as is though. Iain
  • Cheers Trev,I have the camera set to neutral, might try standard and see how it looks, although the only difference in the 2 settings is the sharpening. Std is 0, neutral is -2.In LR4, my default starting point is Camera Std.Iain
  • I have an 18-70DX so I suppose that will work, maybe the 50mm 1.8 for a closer shot. Iain
  • You may not be a 'Pro' Stephen, but your pictures are better than most of the so called 'Pros' where I live. Iain
  • jpeg. Thanks bud. Iain
  • Vicco, yes there will always be occasions with mixed lighting when the grey card approach falls short also. What I do then, as advocated by our illustrious host NeilvN, is to under expose the ambient and let flash dominate. Cheers Iain
  • With backlighting you should meter for correct exposure on your subject. Fill flash can be added or not. Personal preference. What you really need to do Marcel is practice. Keep a note of your settings for each shot. Digicams do this as a matter of …
  • "I had the most relaxing shoot of my life about a month ago. My best friends 60th B party. The venue was small with about a 10 foot high ceiling. All the the walls and ceiling were white. It doesn't get any better. "Absolutely!! wish they were a…
  • Have a look here https://www.theimagefile.com/?Action=AP Great service, nice people to deal with. Does everything I want. Iain.
  • Lightroom is fantastic. I post process all my RAW files with it and only rarely find that I need photoshop. For Nikon, their own software MAY be better but I am perfectly happy with what I can do with LR4 for my NEFs. New version, LR6 due soon, so m…

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