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  • Oops. Thought this email sounded familiar but turned out to be a different bridezilla to the one i thought when I double checked so removed my comments. Who would have thought there were enough brides that crazy you could get them confused lol
  • I try and be unobtrusive. So I stay out of the view of guests except to grab entering and exit shots. Call me old fashioned but to me a marriage isn't all about the photos. I try to be as undistracting as possible so the guests and couple remem…
  • Thank you all, might give b&h another try, last time I looked at the CTS gels there was over $100 postage to Australia but I have recently seen a post somewhere from them saying contact for more realistic postage. Now to read and re-read the …
  • I've never taken any myself but had wondered the same thing after watching a video of another photographer doing some mirror shots with both a handheld and ornate small framed mirror. It seemed unlikely both just happened to be there which made me w…
  • I once tripped while carrying my toddler niece. It really did seem slow motion. I managed to place her gently on her feet as I hit the pavement with no gentleness at all. Amazing what you can do when the thing your holding is important enough lol
  • Couple of points. There may be no photography allowed during the actual confirmation. We can at wedding but not during confirmation. So you may be taking just a few formals only. You will want photo alone holding certificate etc With mum and da…

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