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  • Thanks Neil and other members of this forum who take time to help others ! Merry christmas and happy new year to all.
  • Thanks Neil. I tried the manual exposure today with my sons puppy toy (since that was the only willing model). The garage series (as suggested by Quin) was shot from within garage and I had the flash sitting on top of my car and was not angled cor…
  • Quin, Will try your suggestion tomorrow. I am so used to aperture priority that I always forget the sync speed. thanks ! Sri
  • Trev, Thanks for the insights, much appreciate it. I do see that test1 could use light from right (not left). Regarding Test3, my daughter was not interested in posing so only reason for attaching that was for the quality of light ( so I guess I d…
  • Thanks Rudy..I definitely need to practise some more...i will try test1 again by decreasing ambient...There is definitely huge difference between theory and actual shooting My wife and daughter just dont have patience for my experiments !
  • Thanks Neil for info and the extra credit I have 5D2, so with f5.6, I assume you bump up the ISO till an acceptable shutter speed for hand holding is achieved ?
  • So, I keep my WB always at auto. I checked my file and by default it came in at 4650. Good point about setting the WB manually. I will try that next time. Thanks for your time.
  • Thanks Zenon for your reply. I guess my question is, if my ambient (1st picture) is around 2800 and I am gelling my flash, why was the WB of the first picture around 4000+ ? In the 2nd picture I brought it down to 2700, which rendered the whole imag…
  • Thanks Neil, Zenon - I will remember High speed sync next time !
  • Attached is a small pic of my son. The background pattern is what I am talking about. Clearly in this case, he is very close to wall, but even at 2 feet or so, the background does register.
  • Hi all, Thanks for the suggestions. Given the size of my rooms and fact that I try to use my 85/1.4 as much as possible means I am kind of limited as to how far in front of wall I can place them. -Sridhar

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