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  • just finishing PP from our wedding from this past Saturday. I'll post some reception images soon. Ed K.
  • Images??? Ed K.
  • Wink 11 - somewhere around here I have an OLD Broncolor Impac 41 Monolight. I think it's around 300 ws (BUT could be less) that was gifted to me years ago by a friend that was a commercial tog. It's old school - full,1/2,1/4 pwr. Have reflector/spee…
  • kinda useless on 5D & 1D frames (1.3 or FF crops) for 3/4 work. Maybe OK on the 1.6 croppers - alot of issues w/this lens. I'd pop for the 85mm F1.8.. Ed K.
  • we are using daylight balanced flourescent softboxes (320ws) in our available light studio - very pleased w/results. My wife does 3 infant/kids sessions per week and loves the WYSIWYG results. Super easy for her. HOWEVER, I would be very reluctant t…
  • are you going to be taking lights on location - or will they stay in the studio? Ed K.
  • thanks guys - ordered a couple set of Paul Buff trans/receivers. Can't beat the 60 day return policy.
  • Sometimes (not always) best exposures for reception work are off camera main lights on stands, w/on camera flash as fill. Kinda of a PIA to setup and bring (and buy), but gets the job done - stops motion blur, opens up backgrounds. However, I have …
  • a black elastic women's pony tail hair thinggy might work! Thanks. Ed K.
  • don't know if your concerns are re: ambient or flash exposures? For ambient we spot meter under Bride's/Groom's eyes and add slight on camera (-1&1/2 to 2 stops) fill (eliminates racoon eyes). Total flash we use an old hand held Minolta Flash Me…
  • Gotta tell you guys - this is a GREAT SITE. Thanks from an old pro. Ed K.
  • Zenon, sticking w/my old 1Ds2's and 1D4's - the 600 rt looks great, but can't use all functions w/my older frames. I'll check out the PCB's. Thanks, Ed K.
  • Trev - thanks for the links. Looks like they will do the job. Can they be velcroed to the side of my flashes, is the back side FLAT??? - don't use brackets anymore as the weight of my 1D frames are already very heafty. Have my own diffusers/combo w/…
  • We shoot Raw @ 5600 K.; splits the difference between Daylight and Flash w/our Canon frames... then adust in post... Ed K
  • it's a wedding... kinda stuck w/the weather/time constraints... Ed K

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