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As an adjunct to the Tangents blog, the intention with this forum is to answer any questions, and allow a diverse discussion of topics related photography. With that, see it as an open invitation to just climb in and start threads and to respond to any threads.



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  • Nikonguy, while the base ISO is 200, the extended range does allow for ISO of 100 in the Lo 1.0 setting. I have dropped to this in the past for the same reason. I would have to agree that dropping the ISO would probably be the best choice in this ca…
  • I was going through smigmug for a year and switched over to zenfolio due to the fact that smugmug does not offer a blog. Zenfolio also offers the same protections that smugmug does as well as the ability to have custom client logins and galleries. I…
  • There is always another option. You could just move over to capture one. They dont require that you buy a subscription based service and i find their raw conversion to be much better in terms of quality and retention of details in highlights and sha…
  • If you had asked me what I like to shoot a year ago, I would have said wildlife and nature. But I find my slef getting more and more into people and environmental portraiture. You can se my work at http://www.jpschulman.com/ Would love some critiqu…
  • Computer 4.0ghz AMD Eight-Core Processor 16gb DDR3 RAM 4 hard drives totaling 2tb 1 256gb SSD for operating system and capture one Radeon HD7970 PCI-e Video Card Windows 8 64bit Toshiba Canvio Back up 1tb for website files Software NEF codec instal…

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