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  • Thanks Trevor. I know you're right about the good and bad in each company. The main issue I had with Nikon was the way they treated me, the customer with the problem. The last D800 I had was only two weeks ago and I'm afraid that was the last straw.…
  • I was Nikon and a bit of Canon until recently. My experiences with the 4 D800s I had and the really poor customer support here in the UK put me off Nikon completely and I've sold the lot and gone completely Canon. The other reasons were that I was…
  • Thank you Trev and Neil for your comments. I do indeed use the BFT and love it - thanks to you Neil for that. I'm likely to scour the market for a used 580EXII due to the head angle on the Nissin. I don't see a problem using the Nissns off camera t…
  • Trev sorry to be dense but do you mean it will swivel CCW 90 deg and CW 180? Also surely to bounce it over your shoulder requires an angle of around 135 deg so the 90 wouldn't be as good as it would only let you bounce from the side and up a bit if…
  • Thanks for your views people. I appreciate them. I will check out the link on the previous discussion, Naftoli. I hadn't noticed it when I did a quick search. Thanks
  • Hi Nikonguy. I take your well made point about the DoF zone. What you say makes sense and must be true. OTOH when I check my outer AF points I do often notice a lack of accuracy and the point you make about the center point being more accurate is v…
  • LOL Trev sorry. I got a bit carried away maybe :-) My intention was to show that the DoF was sufficient to allow for center point focus and recompose for any portrait scenario even with large apertures of around f1.4 or f1.8. Not sure if there's a…
  • This is a calculation I made a while back when this discussion came up elsewhere. I'm not sure how valid it is and if someone with more knowledge could check my reasoning and conclusions I'd be grateful. Bear in mind, I'm not very scientific and th…

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