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I used to use a BlackRapid but found it frustrating while taking pictures in portrait orientation, especially while kneeling -- I'd tend to choke myself when I had the BRAD attached ;-) There are other things I dislike about the BR, so I ditched it. I've recently taken to carrying the camera on my shoulder using a standard strap attached to one lug and a camdapter plate, as suggested by Neil. I like this method, however I've not yet found a non-slip camera strap without a quick release mechanism that is wider than 1-inch – this appears, to me, an incomprehensible hole in the strap market. I’d like a non-slip strap that is at least 1.5 inches wide. I’m not a fan of quick release, especially if carrying the camera over my shoulder. I've considered the UPStrap, but am not thrilled with the size of its pad (difficult to pack), the pad’s durability, the strap’s apparent propensity to tangle, and its price. Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds for my issu


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  • Thank you Nikonguy. Your last two posts are exactly the kind of perspective I'm seeking. I agree with you that there is some misinformation floating around about the D800. I do think the D800 is a fascinating proposition (and value for money) and …
  • Many thanks Trev. To Nikonguy -- First, I'm a Canon shooter and don't have practical experience with Nikon gear -- so looking at the D300s manual wouldn't have occurred to me. Matt Granger is a professional photographer from Australia with a…
  • Thanks Nikonguy. Good point about the cropping apples to oranges comparison. To be fair to Matt Granger, I did mis-quote him. He referred to 1/500 as a mimimum when talking about medium format and medium format's similarities to what one experien…
  • According to Matt Granger ( "That Nikon Guy" ), Nikon recommends the D800 not be shot hand held under 1/500 in order to avoid blur. In light of this, and the D800's 1/250 max sync speed, what are your experiences shooting the D800 hand held with on…
  • Thanks for info Neil. I'll probably go for the RF-PRO at some point because it is compact and doesn't change the ergonomics of my camera too much. I mostly get by with the Spinlight 360 these days which is an excellent product that really improves…
  • Good point Zenon. I don't think it's cheating ... these days ;-)
  • Thanks for info Zenon. I agree with you and I should have mentioned that I'd only use the thing outside when I lacked access to off-camera flash and needed to take some shots in portrait orientation. After reading Neil's post on brackets and looki…

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