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  • Thank u both for the above. , Im pepping for a shoot , and i want to use this method Neil had done with the full cts gel on the back drop .
  • Hi mike z. And rs. Many thanks for your input. Sorry for delay getting back work is heavy at the moment. Can i ask also when shooting with the gel on. What is your white balance , Because when u think about it , the gel is kind of actin…
  • Do u know what u may be right to the fact my bedroom is so small compared to a studio , so that main light may be diluting the gelled flash. Ive managed to hire a local hall for £30 for sif hour amd its massive , But i tinker in my bedroom with s…
  • Please excuse the image i sent , that was an accident from my file , i have tried to remove the image but will not for some reason. But hey if you like David Bailey keep on looking
  • Thank u Neil. Ive taken that on board will re - experiment I sincerely lam blow away by that image u posted , It has now opened my mind up massively with excitement. Regards.
  • Sorry i should off written for the above. , I am having trouble with wi fi here. And so freezes ,, I posted the image to try and replicate what u had posted and to show short lighting techinique you promote with light coming over the shoulde…
  • Yes how funny. Ive got a marker on the Fb site so many thanks Neil ,, i. Promoting your book more and more over here bcause there fab .
  • Im so glad you said that. , talk about a spanner in the works,, after all that i have studied this crops up . With the distance scale on the flash this would makes sence as this is what the subject was about in and around. I get what you said ne…
  • Am very well thank you. Going on me first ever work shop 15 feb. Ite mite give me confidence. I will start another tangent on this .. Am glad your ok
  • Hi mike its all good mate. , honest i never took it as any thing much. ,, but thank you for your input , i hope u did nt think i had the rats with your comment. ,, Im good honestly. ))))). Thanks again. Steve
  • Hi mike. I kinda agree but on that coast line , dammed if i could see the screen even with me hand over. I have bought the hood and make this easier to be honest. Each to there own i say Ps. Happy new year
  • Hey skipperlange Many thanks for your reply here. , i to thought there was a lack of response , Im glad u understood what i was on about ,, I have read your comments and now taken the on board , so general candid more relaxed shoot while chatti…
  • Hey skipperlange Thank you very much for input i will follow this up big time , thats great advise and will work on this and the research i am much relieved to find its not just me , im also much aware of my stance and how i hold the camera. I h…
  • Zenon this is excelent information i am soooooo relieved its not just me,,,, The link is awsome and will re read a few more times on this and also the lR export i have played about with. So i have options. This is great. A new learning c…
  • Thanks skipper. When i zoom in on pc to 100 percent they seem unsharp. Im gob smakcked that i did nt notice this , i meN how still do i have to be. Im quite gutted to b honest. Im guna do some test shots with all three cameras.…
  • Sorry neil. I just read your link. Questioned answered.
  • Hi neil , with your studio hire does that include all the equiptment to use,, i have managed to get hold of floor space 9 metres by 30 metres. A massive space , ceiling is from floor 12 ft. Ive have got this for £150 a month but i have a full t…
  • I must remember to post these links. Its a lot quicker than myself rambling
  • Shooting against bright light. ,, Theres more on here jon but could nt fit it all on. Ive got both. On camera and off camera. U will not find any better tuturing trust me ive looked for two years now.
  • Neils crafsty is broken down in sections so u can go straight to the subject your stuck on. Ps i bought a light metre so just to undeerstand what neil was teaching. And ten used the light metre to metre all sorts around the house and out…
  • So if the ambiient is ss 250 etc. skipper ses The answer is yes
  • Sorry jon. I dont mean littery kill the light. I mean to get correct exposure. Earlier today i was playing with me camera shooting up to the sun experimenting . If u go out now and point your camera to the edge of the clouds where the light hit…
  • Hey skipper how u doing ,, that sunny 16 rule of ( F 11 @ 100 iso ) is just a sweet spot for Ambiant exsposure on a sunny day . Basicaly to kill that light thats over baring on the subject . In other words if u have much less of an apperture or sh…
  • Jc love the mood here. Looks like u guys r having fun and why not. ,, Nice one
  • Hey trev. Go for it. ,,, its good to have some humar in a thread. ,,,,,,,

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