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  • Thanks or the info. TTL for Canon only with the 860C, at the moment.
  • Howie, With my SB80, using my camera in landscape, there is no way I can bounce the flash over my right shoulder. The same restriction applies to the SB800.
  • Neil, To me "over-heating" should never be a problem. I am not likely to shoot under the pressure you have to shoot under. The devil and the deep blue sea is the price of the SB800 and the limited swivel compared to the price of the SB900 and the a…
  • Zenon, “Always better to get right in the camera.” I love that statement. To me a camera is an image capturing computer, the less I have to do after capturing the better I feel about the image. Whenever I do tests I shoot Jpeg. Best way for me t…
  • Thanks Adrian, Going through your wedding shots I can understand what you are saying to me. No, the second image was not shot with the same setup as the first. In the second I played around with the flash, off camera. I was triggering the off came…
  • Thank you Neil. Between the devil and the deep blue see! Think I must go to bed now and reconsider my options in the morning.
  • Maybe: You like this better?
  • Thank you Neil. The 360 degree swivel was a concern to me. Deal is off, bargain or not. Does the SB900 really have an "over heating problem"?
  • Thank you Skipper & Zenon, Sorry about the size, next time I will make it a little smaller. I really appreciate the comment. At least I am getting the lighting ratio right. Next stupid Question: how do you determine if an image is too dark…
  • Thank you Zenon, Yes, sometimes highlights have to clip to get that special effect. In my mind, AN object of using flash is reducing the dynamic range within a scene to get it within reach of the camera sensor. It might not always be possible and…
  • Thank you Zenon, It is like getting on top of a mountain. I know I am still going to fall off as well. Now looking at buying a SB900.
  • Thank you Wick, I really appreciate your comment. Do you mean you like the second image I posted better than the last one. I would appreciate if you can elaborate as to why you like it better. Wick, Neil said ‘it is not bad per se’ this comment i…
  • Sorry Neil. 1/125sec is not acceptable. (Ses van die bestes vir my.) Is that the reason my camera has a x250 when passing BULB? Will I be wrong in assuming that X250 should always be used when shooting flash, EXCEPT when dragging the shutter?
  • Thank you Zenon. I think Neil is going to get me by the short hair about Max Flash Sync speed. Read the Tangents!
  • Thank you Neil. Ok, reshoot after learning a little about exposure. Neil, before you ask me again: 1/125ces, you know why: f5.6 - wide open: Manual settings: ISO800 because the histogram told me that is where I have to go: full power flash refle…
  • Thank you for that link Zenon. Single flash with different reflectors.
  • Neil, It is not a matter of how I got to those settings only. You make me think, how do I get to any setting. Basically I will decide on DOF control, set the aperture to what I want, keep ISO as low as possible and then adjust shutter speed accord…
  • Zenon, Thank you very much. You made my day. No Zenon, my screen (s) is/are not scientifically calibrated. I have no idea of what a calibrated screen should look like. Calibrated to what? A printer? My camera’s LCD? A lab printed image? Is it wort…
  • I sincerely wish to thank Zenon and Neil for the replies. Any and all comments will always be appreciated. Thank you Zenon, I did a re-shoot. Neil: Thank you for spending your valuable time to comment. “Not bad per se” I will take that as a compl…
  • Congratulations Neil! Educational machine - YES!

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