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  • My d700 needed fine tune but when I sent it to Nikon for service, they calibrated it and i had to re fine tune my lenses. My d800 only needed it with one lens.
  • Disable your flash- should be a commander only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPJhX-xdYtk
  • I love my pocket wizards- you will need an AC3 to mount on top of the mini or flexes but each receiving flash also needs to be mounted on a tt5. If you are using nikon speed-lights- any nikon flash that can serve as a controller should work. Example…
  • Somehow I missed the responses. I dont know what happened but I was able to contact them. I had to do the two button hard reset and it works now. Kind of odd how funky things got for a while. As far as batteries, now i have no issues. Thanks for the…
  • Hi Neil - thanks for the comment. Yes they are up to date with software. When the issue first happened I made sure to reset and update them. I charged all the batteries and made sure they work. I switched the tt1 for one of my tt5's and it was the s…
  • you will need a set of triggers that will so hypersync, super sync, etc..Or you can hack it but you will need to have at least one HSS capable flash with  pc port plus an  optical slave. This also depends on your camera. 
  • I have them. I like them for what they are. Not as many bells and whistles as the PW and if you want a lot of flexibility, you should get the TX.  I have the Mini and Flex set up as well and I use it more that the YN but that's because it was cheape…

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