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  • I wanted to keep you updated: After some experimentation, it seems that iTTL does a great job balancing ambient and flash in whatsoever circumstances. To fiddle with the ratio is - aside from adjusting FEC for foreground light levels - very frustra…
  • That sounds about right - it never occured to me that the bottom 1/60th has got something to do with it. I had read about it and forgotten. Error 101 indeed... This is a great forum! Thank you :-))
  • @Nikonguy: this behaviour is exactly what I intended to achieve in the first place. It does not work like this, my minor experience shows. So, still back to error analysis (error 101: sits 30 cm behind the camera). Am I doing something stupidly wro…
  • Trev, thank you very much. You have indeed answered my question. I was under the impression by the meagre iTTL-Manuals that EC and FEC work independently regardless of cam‘s auto mode. I am aware that even the metering modes imply some fiddly behav…
  • I just did a chek on the english menues. Its File->Export as Catalog File->Import from another catalog Library->Find all missing Photos
  • The most easy way would be to fire up LR on the old machine, select within its catalog the directories to drag over and select Catalog->Export as new catalog. ( I do not have a running english LR available at the moment, but you should find the m…
  • Thank you all for your insights Michael
  • You are possibly right. I was under the assumption that CanonJay did this trick indoors or in tents, where you could bounce quite a bit. I overlooked the fact that he explicitly stated a little bit down the discussion to do it in outdoor events too…
  • Hi Dave, if your daughter is happy, all is well and nothing to grief about ;-). So, job well done. I asked more from a conceptual viewpoint to understand the rationale behind this placing of flashes - it just eludes me what this should accomplish …
  • You can always revert to some syncinc software which monitors a given directory and copies new files to another destination. I won't go into advertising here, but a short Google of syncing software gives you a load of free and commercial products.I'…
  • Just my 2 Cents worth - you surely are pixel peeping.A magnification beyond 100% tries to show more Information than there is, i.e. is "inventing" (ok, extrapolating ;-) pixels beyond the resolution of the pic in question. You will not gain any addi…

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