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As an adjunct to the Tangents blog, the intention with this forum is to answer any questions, and allow a diverse discussion of topics related photography. With that, see it as an open invitation to just climb in and start threads and to respond to any threads.


I used to use a BlackRapid but found it frustrating while taking pictures in portrait orientation, especially while kneeling -- I'd tend to choke myself when I had the BRAD attached ;-) There are other things I dislike about the BR, so I ditched it. I've recently taken to carrying the camera on my shoulder using a standard strap attached to one lug and a camdapter plate, as suggested by Neil. I like this method, however I've not yet found a non-slip camera strap without a quick release mechanism that is wider than 1-inch – this appears, to me, an incomprehensible hole in the strap market. I’d like a non-slip strap that is at least 1.5 inches wide. I’m not a fan of quick release, especially if carrying the camera over my shoulder. I've considered the UPStrap, but am not thrilled with the size of its pad (difficult to pack), the pad’s durability, the strap’s apparent propensity to tangle, and its price. Does anyone have any suggestions or workarounds for my issu


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