Studio NvN is in Unit 5
Building #5;  3rd floor
101 East Main St
Little Falls,  NJ 07424

Neil van Niekerk


The studio is in a loft area on the 3rd floor of this old warehouse.

Access is via stairs, but there is also a freight elevator if you need.

The entrance is marked here with a red arrow in the photo, but the door might be locked.

The best is to call me or text me when you arrive, and I’ll come fetch you.

Look for these signs outside:
– Kelly Custom Guitars & Repairs
– Clarion Office Furniture
– Ovadia




You’re at the wrong place if:

1.) If you’re outside a graphic designer, or the carpet store, (or a Quick Check), then you’re on the other side of the building. Just come down Main Street, to the other corner to where you see Kelly’s Custom Guitars and Clarion Furniture.

2.) If you’re at 103 Main Rd, and you see a PNC bank, you’re about 3 or 4 blocks away still.
Just continue on to 101 East Main Street, until you see this warehouse in the photo.