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NJ Photography studio rental – New Jersey / NJ

This large photography studio space, located in Little Falls, NJ, is available for hourly and daily rental. The studio is 1,000 square feet and has an extensive studio flash system, as well as continuous lighting gear – all available for use in the studio. The image above only shows a partial selection of the studio equipment. In addition to that, the area around the studio is (usually) available for a more urban look to your photos. This helps extend the possibilities that you can achieve, varying the look of your photographs.

I will be on hand to help you on the day of your shoot with initial setting up of gear, and to show you around. If I am not available, my assistant will be able to help you. Check the studio calendar for availability.

Get in touch with me if you’re interested in using the studio space – I’ll gladly show you around.

Contact me
Neil van Niekerk
Text or call: 862-485-7276

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Studio description

~ Studio Description

  • The total floor area is 1,000 square feet, of which half is carpeted.
  • WiFi is available
  • There is a Bose soundlink for iPods and other music players.
  • There are huge windows with lots of available light.
  • Access is via stairs to the 3rd floor, but there is a freight elevator if needed.
  • There is a fridge stocked with water, and there is a Keurig coffee maker.
  • A large lighted make-up table is available for hair and make-up artists to use.
  • There is air-conditioning to keep the studio at a nice even temperature in summer, and heating to have the studio nice and toasty in winter.
  • There is a wind-machine if you want that wind-swept look for your subjects.
  • There is an hand-held steamer for clothes.


Studio rental fees

The studio rental rates are $50 per hour.

There are minimum fees:

• minimum of $100 for weekdays.
(ie: for studio time up to 2 hours)

• minimum of $200 for weekends & public holidays.
(ie: for studio time up to 4 hours)

All equipment and backgrounds are included in the rental fee. Just bring your camera and lenses. If you shoot tethered, bring your laptop.

Please note:
•  Setup and wrap time count as studio time,
and will be billed accordingly.
•  The $50 fee applies for any part of an hour,
even if you don’t use the full hour.
•  Additional fees for the use of glitter & confetti:
$50 if you clean it up, or $100 if I clean it up.

Discount for multi-day rentals:

For contiguous days (of 6+ hours per day),
the 1st day is at the listed fee. The second and further contiguous days are then discounted by 33% of the fee.


How to book studio time

Check on the Calendar to see if the date is available.
Then confirm the date with me before paying the reservation fee.
This fee will count towards your final fee payable on the date.

Please note: in paying this studio reservation fee, the time is blocked out exclusively for you. This means that I can’t book the studio out to other photographers for the same period. Hence, this fee is not refundable.


Do you need a photographer?

The studio is available to anyone who has a photographer or is a photographer. However, if you don’t have a photographer for your shoot, I could help. If you’re looking for someone to photograph fashion catalog, or a headshots and portrait photographer, or if you need a commercial photographer, please contact me.


Guidelines for using the studio

  1. Do not remove any of the lights from the boom arms!
  2. Please do not change out the light modifiers on the boom arms, with the one exception of the 3-ft gridded octabox which can be swapped out for the beauty dish.
  3. Please do not remove the grids from the reflectors or the stripboxes. There are enough other light modifiers without grids.
  4. Either myself or an assistant will be present at all times, and can help with with the basic setting up of lighting gear and the use of the studio space. (I’ll be quietly working on my computer, unless you need help.)
  5. If you are new to working in a studio, here are my tips for your first time in the studio.

~ Terms of Use

  1. Use of the stu­dio and equip­ment is at your own risk. (I will be on hand to help you show you the equipment, and help set up the equipment if needed.) By hiring the studio and equipment, you waive any rights to seek legal redress for mis­haps, acci­dents, and/or loss related to their actions whilst on the premises.
  2. Health and Safety – neither myself, (dba One Perfect Moment), nor the stu­dio will be held respons­ible for any acci­dent or injury caused by you or any mem­ber of your party whilst using the stu­dio facilities.
  3. You’ll agree to leave the stu­dio and adja­cent grounds in the same con­di­tion as they were when you arrived.
  4. The equipment is in good work­ing order, but I make no spe­cial guar­an­tee as to the equipment’s func­tion­al­ity or suitabil­ity to your intended pur­poses.
  5. I will not be held responsible for limits on, or loss of space usage due to acts such as: power outage, weather conditions or emergency. In such cases, I may refund or credit a pro-­rated por­tion of the pay­ment.
  6. Dam­ages to equip­ment and premises are your responsib­il­ity and must be settled after rental period, at mar­ket value.




PHOTOGRAPHY – studio & lighting gear

~ studio gear for photography ~

  • (6x) Profoto D1 studio flashes (500 Ws)
      – 3 of the lights are set up on boom arms for better positioning.
      – all 6 lights are on light-stands with caster wheels.
  • large Profoto 5′ octabox
  • Profoto 3′ gridded octabox
  • (2x) Profoto gridded 1’x3′ stripbox
  • Profoto gridded 1’x4′ stripbox
  • Profoto gridded 1’x6′ stripbox
  • (2x) Profoto 2’x3′ softbox
  • Profoto 3’x4′ softbox
  • Profoto beauty dish (with grid or sock, if needed)
  • (4x) Profoto reflectors (with 10 degree grids, if needed)
  • (3x) Profoto Air wireless remote controllers
  • Westcott Eyelighter reflector
  • Westcott 7′ Parabolic umbrella
  • various handheld collapsible reflectors
  • two large white V-flats
  • (4x) Litepanels Astra 1×1 LED panels  –  continuous lighting; 3,200-5,600 K
  • (2x) Litepanels Sola 4″ LED fresnel lights  –  continuous, focusable; Daylight WB
  • (2x) Westcott Spiderlites (TD5 / TD6) with softboxes  –  continuous; Daylight WB
  • large Manfrotto product photography table
  • wind machine


VIDEO – studio & lighting gear

~ studio gear for video ~

  • (4x) Litepanels Astra 1×1 LED panels  –  continuous lighting; 3,200-5,600 K
  • (2x) Litepanels Sola 4″ LED fresnel lights  –  continuous, focusable; Daylight WB
  • (2x) Westcott Spiderlites (TD5 / TD6) with softboxes  –  continuous; Daylight WB

Additional gear available:

  • Sennheiser lavalier microphones
  • Teleprompter (via iPad)
  • wind machine


What I don’t supply

  • Computer & screen. You need to bring your own.
  • Cameras and lenses. If you need to rent specific camera gear, Unique Photo is only a few miles away, and has a large selection of cameras and lenses available for rent.


For the hair and make-up artist

The large lighted make-up table for the hair and make-up artist to use.
There are also hand-held and wall mounted mirrors.



Example setups

There are two fans / wind-machines available for that wind-swept look.


NJ photography studio

The large Profoto 5′ Octa on the boom arm in the foreground (on the right). In the background you can see the three windows that let daylight flood into the studio when the curtains are taken down. The curtains are usually up to keep the studio suitably dark for most photography needs.


There is a large white product photography table available.


Dramatic lighting is possible with the help of gridded stripboxes and V-flats.


For smaller projects, we can also accommodate you if you need to chroma-key a different background in to your photos or video via a green screen.


There is an iPad teleprompter for smaller video productions such as Youtube clips or promotional pieces.