Emmy award-winning Time-lapse

This is a pretty big deal for me …. an Emmy! This Emmy was awarded to me as part of the team that won a Sports Emmy for a promotional video / advert for MLB. I supplied the time-lapse photography.

It is the largest time-lapse project that I had worked on to date. The agency did great work in coordinating a complex shoot, which included the videography teams, the interviews, and the graffiti artists and then of course, myself with the time-lapse segments they wanted me to shoot. The concept behind this was that they had five artists painting murals of the six most likely drafts for MLB this particular season.

I had 7 cameras there, of which 2 were on motion-controlled dollies for a cinematic movement.

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Profoto: Legends of Light

This is both exciting and humbling. Profoto is the premier maker of photographic lighting gear. Their USA branch, Profoto USA, has included me in their list of ‘Legends Of Light‘, alongside some of the biggest names in the photography world … some of whom I can even count as friends and peers.

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Featured in Rangefinder magazine: Fully Lit

Being published in Rangefinder magazine is a pretty big deal for a portrait photographer. Rangefinder is the official publication for WPPI, the premier Wedding and Portrait Photography association.

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Featured in Digital Photographer magazine

It never gets old to see your work in print somewhere – this time in issue 177 of Digital Photographer magazine, a photography publication from the UK. For this article they asked ten photographers for their essential tips they’d like to share with the readers of the magazine.

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The world’s best photographers use Profoto

A photographer’s vision and skill should be measured by the photographs. The results. The art. In a sense then, the specific photography gear that is used, should be of less consequence. But I am a strong believer in using the best tools out there – they enable me to do my best.

Over all the years, the more proficient I became, the more selective I became about what I used. Eclectic in one sense, but quite selective. I like quality photo gear. They make my life easier, and make me look good when I am busy shooting. The reliability and ease of use are paramount. So with time, I gravitated towards using Profoto for my studio lighting and location lighting.

With this, it was hugely exciting, and a massive compliment that Profoto picked me as one of the photographers they name-checked in this big fold-out advert that will appear in several of the big photography industry magazines that cater to portrait and wedding photographers.

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