Why do a boudoir photo session?

Mostly because you deserve one! One of the most surprising reactions I sometimes get when I show a boudoir client the back of my camera during a photo session, is, “wow, is that really me?” It’s endearing to hear and see how someone suddenly realizes that, yes! they too look amazing and attractive. These boudoir photo sessions allow women to see themselves as others see them. Somewhere along with being a mom and working, that element of being feminine gets swamped out – relishing in being sensual and sexy, and most of all, realizing that you are. You really are all that.

The boudoir photo session can be an affirmation, it can be exploration, it can be just be for fun. If you need a reason, there are a number of reasons why a boudoir session is great. If you don’t need a reason, well, then you don’t need a reason – just do it!


My style and approach to boudoir photography

Perhaps it might seem a contradiction as sorts that as a boudoir photographer that is male, I do believe the style shown in my photographs is feminine and soft. I want to accentuate the quietly sensual nature of women that I photograph.

And if you want to be portrayed as bold and flirtatious, or if you want to be photographed outside or on a rooftop, then there’s no stopping! Sexy and daring? We can do that. It is your photo session.

And that’s very much part of the approach as well – that the photo session in essence becomes a collaboration where we get you the best photographs we can. With expert posing and lighting, I can help you achieve that “wow, is that really me?” moment.

A boudoir photo session can really be part of self-discovery. For example, the photo above turned out to be a pivotal moment. As she later told me: “The image you took showed me as vulnerable and sexy. It showed me a whole side of sexy that I had, yet never knew. Which is why you are the only man I would ever let do my boudoir photos. You saw something I never did.”

If you have fears and insecurities about the photo shoot, and how you will be portrayed, contact me, and we can talk about your intended photo session.


Couples boudoir – an intimate and personal photo session of you and your loved one

Include your boyfriend, fiancé, husband in the photos for sensual portraits of both of you together. It really can be fun. And yes, there’s laughter. As there should be.


Your privacy

Your photographs will remain private. I really value privacy. Your gallery (if you want one), will be password-protected. So your photographs will never ever appear on my website or elsewhere, unless express written permission is given.