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Headshots and business portraits need not be done in the studio! We can shoot out on location, and use our environment as context. The backdrop can be the city, your local town, or even your offices indoors.

The images shown in this portfolio are purposely of just one person, to give you an idea of the variety of photos we can get in about an hour. Different settings and backgrounds just by a moving a short distance – a few steps or around the corner. We can get an urban look, or use a park and trees.

Reasons to photograph headshots and portraits on location, whether outdoors or indoors at your offices:

  1. Context: By shooting on location, we can give people a sense of where you are, whether in the city or your work environment. If we shoot outside, we can do this against the backdrop of the city, whether New York or any of the towns in New Jersey. Hoboken and Jersey City can look just as exciting and colorful Manhattan.
  2. Variety: What makes these kind of on-location portraits fun to shoot, is that we can use the our environment for props – hand-rails, steps and walls. This all adds variety to the final selection of images. Using the environment like this also helps bringing variety to the poses, while still keeping the poses looking natural.

This type of photo session works very well for headshot photography, whether  actor headshots, promotional portraits or executive portraits.

As you can see with the series of images here, I bring portable lighting with me (which an assistant helps with). This way we can get studio quality lighting, while shooting on-the-go. We can still move fast, and keep the rhythm of the photo session, and keep it fun.

Please contact me for new headshots or business portraits. I’m confident I can help.

Neil van Niekerk



New York business portraits NYC

New York business portrait photographer NYC

New York headshot photographer NYC

NYC executive portrait photographer New York


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