books on flash photography and photographic lighting

These books thoroughly cover topics in lighting and flash photography. The material is based on the articles on the Tangents blog, but structured with a more cohesive narrative arc. The examples in the books use before & after examples, as well as pull-back photos to explain the concepts with clarity. I want to show that great lighting in photography is accessible to everyone!

Another great thing about these books is that they come with an unprecedented level of support – this website. I answer any questions on these topics via the Tangents blog or Tangents Forum.

You can order these books via your local book-store, or via these Amazon links, or you can order the two most recent books as autographed copies.

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Lighting & Design for Portrait Photography

A follow-up of sorts to Direction & Quality of Light, this book is a slightly eclectic mix, discussing the thought-process with various scenarios shooting portraits. The examples use available light, bounce flash, off-camera flash as well as studio lighting.

The idea is that in every one of the 60 sections, there is something to be learnt and applied, regardless of your level as a photographer or where you shoot.

More info about this book, Lighting & Design for Portrait Photography.

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Direction & Quality of Light

I tried to distill the essence of what we, as photographers, work with – light! Before we can truly grasp on-camera flash and off-camera flash, and really, any kind of photography, we have to be aware of the direction and quality of light. We need to observe the light that we have, and then decide how best to use it, or enhance it.

With this book, I try my best to share those “aha!” moments with you, and I do believe this book can make a difference to your photography.

More info about this book, Direction & Quality of Light.

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Off-Camera Flash Photography

With this book, I once again took great care to compile additional material along with the info that is spread over numerous articles on the Tangents blog. I wanted the material in the book to flow as a truly accessible introduction to off-camera flash.

As always, the aim was for those aha! moments when things become clear and just makes sense. And then, hopefully, inspire the readers of the book to see how easily off-camera flash lighting can expand our photographic repertoire.

More info about this book, Off-Camera Flash Photography.

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On-Camera Flash Photography

This best-selling book will help you get the most out of your on-camera speedlight. Concentrating on bounce flash photography techniques, we look at ways to make your flash look seamless with the ambient light. In other words, make your on-camera flash look nothing like on-camera flash.

Particular care was taken to present it all with a logical flow with the intention that it will all progressively help the reader attain a better understanding of flash photography.

More info about this book, On-Camera Flash Photography.

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