interview with NvN

interview: NvN on photography

And just when you think you’ve had enough of my face already, here I am in a video interview.

I met up with Ed Verosky in his studio to chat about photography and the direction I’m taking. Here’s a summary of the conversation. I already am aware that I use my hands to talk. In fact, it would be tough for me to explain something without moving my hands around in semaphore. But apparently I also use my eyebrows to express what I am trying to get across.


Photography podcast – my interview on Photography 121

Stephen Cotterell, a photographer in the UK, visited New York a few weeks ago –  and he graciously made the detour to New Jersey to visit me and interview me for his Photography 121 podcast.

What makes this podcast interview different than others I have done, is that there was no theme here. Usually a podcast interview would center on something specific like flash photography.
With this interview however, Stephen’s questions were more freeform, and it was the first time I’ve really talked about where I come from as a photographer. How my career started, and how it is progressed, and where I’d like to see it head towards.

And as always, I went off on various tangents and down various side-streets during this interview.

The full 90 minute interview can be found on iTunes.
(Or search for Photography 121 in the podcasts section.)


podcast with Ed Verosky – wedding photography tips

Over the weekend, Ed Verosky did an interview with me for his latest podcast.
The topic is wedding photography tips.

It’s nearly half-an-hour of me motor-mouthing it on various wedding photography related items. Not only does it sound like I am in a rush, I sound serious too!

There is one “typo” that I picked up listening to it now. At one point I mention the “first 30 books” on photography. What I meant to say was, the basics covered in the first 30 pages of any good introductory book on photography. I’m sure there are other moments that I fluffed it. No luxury of back-spacing and changing what was said!

I hope everyone enjoys the podcast. Let’s hear some comments!

Learn more inside…


19 questions – an interview with Neil vN

If ever you’ve been curious about things such as: if I could, which photographer I would love to shoot alongside with … well, now the mystery is revealed.

As an introduction to the upcoming flash photography webinar, the Clickin Moms group had an email interview with me, wherein I answered nineteen questions. Why nineteen? I have no idea.

But there they are:
19 Questions with Neil van Niekerk


I felt quite flattered when Kerry Garrison asked me to do an interview for his cameradojo podcast.  Especially so since I was following in the footsteps of Scott Robert Lim, David Ziser and Syl Arena. My interview – taking your flash to the next level is the conclusion in the cameradojo series dealing with flash photography and lighting.

You can listen to the interview on the web, or on iTunes.

And if anyone has questions .. you know how to find me. :)


Finish the sentence ..

February 7, 2009

David Cross, the well-known Photoshop guru (and otherwise interesting person),  just posted a ‘Finish the sentence‘ mini-interview with me on his blog.  Catch it there, and find out a few things about me, such as what I hate and love about Photoshop.  And my favorite accessory.  (Although that one shouldn’t be too hard to guess.)


spotlight interview

June 8, 2008

Every week James Robinson features an interview on his blog with a photographer that has caught his attention.  And this week the privilege is mine – and you can read it here:
spotlight interview – photographer Neil van Niekerk.

And for no other reason than to spruce up this quickie post, here is one of my favorite images from a destination wedding I photographed in the Bahamas recently.

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