Photography book – Direction & Quality of Light

photography book: Direction & Quality of Light

Photography book: Direction & Quality of Light

When Direction and Quality of Light was released in March 2013, it felt like an even bigger achievement than my previous two books. Here I share many of the "aha!" moments which took me years to completely grasp - that at the heart of it, every aspect of photographic lighting is dependent on understanding the  Read more inside...

favorite photography books

best photography books

Someone recently asked me which are the photographers I have learnt the most from. I immediately took that to be the photographers whose work I studied in books and magazines over the years. Books have always had a special place in my heart - even more so the beautifully printed Art Photography books. This beautiful volume, featuring  Read more inside...

Vivian Maier exhibition in New York

Vivian Maier exhibition in New York

One of the most interesting stories unfolding in photography in recent years, was the accidental discovery of an incredible body of work by an unknown photographer, Vivian Maier. Incredible in terms of quality and the sheer volume of photographs. If you're not familiar with the backstory  -  in 2007, John Maloof, a real estate agent  Read more inside...