Ultra-wide angle lenses with stabilization / vibration reduction


Ultra-wide angle lenses with stabilization / vibration reduction

The need for stabilization in the ultra-wide angle lenses, might appear to be a slightly redundant feature. After all, camera shake is less of a problem the wider your focal length. On a 16-35mm lens, it would really seem to not be that important. Now, I sometimes second-guess myself about what lenses  Read more inside...

Posing and lighting technique


Posing and lighting technique - posing in relation to the lighting

When taking a portrait, the pose needs to suit the lighting. And vice versa, the lighting needs to be done in relation to the intended pose. Especially so when the lighting is dramatic. This is such a key idea - lighting and posing are tightly correlated. Started again: you pose the participants in  Read more inside...

First steps in shooting video with a stabilized gimbal


First steps in shooting video with a stabilized gimbal

[Testing out the Defy G2x gimbal, with a test run one evening in Times Square. Here is some of the (random) footage as I played with it to get a hang of its response and handling.] That smooth, fluid movement when shooting video with the camera moving, used to be the domain of cinema or higher-end productions  Read more inside...

Photography workshops – NJ / NYC

flash photography workshops – NJ / NYC

Photography Workshops (NYC / NJ) for 2015

The flash photography workshops are full-day events – and are a mixture of seminar presentation and practical shooting. The workshops will be held at my studio space in NJ. There is free parking, and it is easily reached from the main highways in the area. There is also regular bus transport from NYC. (We can fetch you from  Read more inside...

promotion: Boudoir flow posing


Learn 30 Boudoir Poses in No Time at All

30 boudoir flow poses explained A system for creating your own posing sequence A story you can use to learn the sequence in no time Printable overview poster with all poses This new posing guide will help you to quickly and easily memorize large sequences of poses and recall them at any point in the  Read more inside...

Wedding photography – products delivered to clients


Wedding photography - products delivered to clients

I often get asked what album company I use, and what other products I offer my clients. When I first set up my business as a wedding photographer, I was completely green when it came to branding, marketing, as well as the products I could deliver to my clients. Albums, prints, cards, canvases, and all sorts of  Read more inside...

Tips on working with models

Tips on working with models

Tips on working with models

One of the best tips I can give you when photographing a professional model - wait for your model to "give" you the photo. Time your photos - don't just arbitrarily fire the shutter. Most models need a moment to settle into position. Watch their movements and pose. At some point they are likely to go through a little mental routine  Read more inside...

Bounce flash photography – be bold!

bounce flash photography

Bounce flash photography - be bold!

With on-camera bounce flash photography, there is the initial idea that you need a white wall or ceiling to bounce off. With these examples from an engagement photo session of DaWeon and Toban, I want to show that it is entirely possible to really enhance the available light on location, with some unexpected bounce flash. For  Read more inside...

How to position off-camera flash

How to position off-camera flash

How to position off-camera flash

One of the most frequent (but easily corrected) mistakes I see when photographers use off-camera flash, is that they didn't position the flash in relation to their subject. They simply place the flash to the side (and often at a too-extreme 90 degree angle from their own position), with the flash too low in height. Your subject's  Read more inside...

recap: Photography workshop – Charlotte, NC (2015)

flash photography workshop

recap: Photography workshop - Charlotte, NC (2015)

A group of photographers in Charlotte asked if I would like to present a flash photography workshop there. We arranged a really nice venue - The Getty Center, in Rock Hill, SC -  and settled on a date, July 25th (Sat). Everything in place for this, the first workshop away from NJ / NY since the workshop in Amsterdam  Read more inside...