alive for 365 – week 18

I took this photo of the Hotel du Louvre during a trip to Paris in 1993.  I carefully propped  my camera against a hand-railing  to steady it during the slow exposure of 1/4 second.  As I took my first frame, a bus drove past. I cursed my luck and took the photograph again. (This was pre-digital, and I was poor enough that every frame of transparency film that I shot was expensive.)  Anyway, I cursed my luck, thinking the bus would spoil the image I was after. However, when I saw the results, the ‘accident’ looked far better than the intended shot.

This favorite photo of mine, is this week’s entry for the Alive for 365 project.

[ Pentax Z-1; Pentax-FA 28-80mm f3.5-4.7 / Fujichrome RD 100 ]
[ Paris, France / April ’93 ]

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  1. 1 says

    As Bob Ross always said: “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.” Very nice photograph. I wonder if the print could approximately show these luminous colors…

  2. 2Paul Keith Dickinson says

    Nice interesting shot as always.Do you have any shots of the Hillbrow area in the 1970-80’s.I got all my slides stolen from a friend car the night before I left Johannesburg in the 1980’s.I had some really nice shots of the Joburg skyline from the Hillbrow Tower.Maybe a little nostalgia on my part as I enter my sixties.Paul

  3. 3Neil vN says

    Paul, I have some cross-processed images of the Hillbrow skyline, but nothing particularly exciting. As I scan my archive images over time, they might surface. :)

    Neil vN

  4. 4pasquier says

    Very nice photo, Neil.
    I always loved the deep saturated blues that Fuji gave…. it was really special.

  5. 5Derryl says

    1/4 sec sounds too low for that long streak of bus light…hmm..maybe its not…nevertheless….wonderful shot!

  6. 6Neil vN says

    And perhaps it was 1/4 second. You will just have to trust me on this one, and the notes I took at the time.

    Nevertheless, thank you.

    Neil vN

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