photographers … so you think P on your camera stands for Professional?

I know, I know .. it’s a funny comment that P stands for professional. But somehow it always irks me to the extent that I just can’t suppress my reply. Maybe it’s the purposeful dumbing-down making it seem okay not to want to know more and continually improve. Maybe that’s what gets to me. Still, I think my reply is more cute.

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your photographs are wonderful – you must have a really nice camera

There is an amusing anecdote doing the rounds as a graphic on Facebook and elsewhere – it’s a quote ascribed to Sam Haskins. Now, if you consider the number of quotes that get propagated on Facebook that are ascribed to Morgan Freeman, I’m surprised Sam Haskins even got a mention. But I digress.

The quote relates a story where a photographer smacks down a socialite in New York for some comment about the photographer’s camera. Well, here it is, and it kinda rankles me …

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Some sayings in photography are thrown out there so often that they’ve achieved a life of their own, and become truisms that are summarily accepted and then perpetuated.
Here they are – the 10 most annoying platitudes in photography

Actually, I was going to name this post clichés in photography, but that would imply visual clichés. But tastes differ too widely, and I wouldn’t want to be the Style Police and dictate to other photographers which subjects and approaches are deemed cool. Besides, I think the world could always use more photos of pretty girls sitting on train tracks.

So here they are – things that make me grind my teeth:

1.   “you have to know the rules to break the rules”
2.   “the camera is only a tool”  /  “it’s the photographer, not the camera”
3.   “zoom with your feet”
4.   either / or  debates
5.   circular reasoning in order to rationalize something
6.  “fake it until you make it”  /  “but everyone started somewhere”
7.   the superiority of film because of some mystical qualities
8.   B&W = art
9.   ambient light purists
10. “don’t worry how it looks now, just fix it in Photoshop later”

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