Carly Erin

lingerie photo session

studio photography – lingerie photo shoot

Aiming for a sensual mood somewhere between Lingerie, Fashion and Art, I tried various lighting setups in the studio to get to the feel and look that I envisioned. I’ve worked with Carly Erin on other personal photo shoots before, and knew her playful and bold personality would help a lot with this photo session.

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using a small softbox for lighting an intimate / boudoir photo session

With intimate photo sessions, I use a number ways of lighting my subject. This helps to bring some variety to the images. It helps mixing things up a bit by not using just one specific way to light the session.

While I sometimes use a softbox, the medium sized softboxes (or the 24″ x 24″ softboxes) are just a little too big to swing around in a small room. With a recent on-location photo session in New York, I used the Lastolite 8.6″ Ezybox (B&H) a few times. I took it along on that photo session because it is so compact.

So when I arranged with a model, Carly Erin, to do another photo session, I instantly thought of taking this smaller softbox along. With the previous intimate photo session with Carly, I used bounce flash and tungsten light (the Lowel ID-light).  But this time I decided to predominantly use this new small softbox. And I really liked the results …

(before clicking on the ‘more’ link,
be aware that the rest of this post has images with some nudity.)

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style in boudoir photography – intimate photo sessions  (model: Carly Erin)

I did a recent photo shoot with a model, Carly Erin, to expand my boudoir portfolio.

Sometimes you get to work in large spacious rooms or studios.  Sometimes you work in smaller more intimate locations.  When you work in a tighter, more intimate setting, the choice to include the surroundings or not will greatly affect how you shoot.  I made the decision that I didn’t want the location to be identifiable and this affected how I shot, so I used a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens for most of the photo session to compress the perspective, and shoot very tight.

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