post Hurricane Sandy – we’re fine!

I’ve had a bunch of people email to ask me if we are fine after Hurricane Sandy swept through the Eastern part of the USA on Monday, so it might be a good idea to post it here as well.

We’re fine! Where we live in north New Jersey, the storm passed South of us and then to the West of us during Monday. So we didn’t feel the brunt of it.

In comparison to the heart-breaking stories and the damage we’ve seen elsewhere in news stories, we had no damage at all. We had put away all patio furniture and such. So the only damage that we had was that part of our wooden fence fell over. We got really lucky though. Some neighbors had minor damage to their houses. I’m sure there’s a lot of damage in all of New Jersey with trees blowing over.

So the worst of it is that we are without power today (Tuesday). Late last night we heard a power transformer (?) down the street go bang! and then you could hear it arcing through the night. So now we are without power and probably will be for several days while they deal with much bigger problems elsewhere.

My daughter, Janine, was staying in the dorm at university. The engineering campus of NYU is in Brooklyn and not too far from the areas that were completely flooded when the sea pushed the Hudson River over its banks. But she’s safe. (The university authorities didn’t allow any students outside at all.)

And that’s about it. As soon as we have power again, it’ll be back to usual business here.

The photo above was taken on Sunday night in Manhattan as the clouds ominously loomed, pre-Hurricane Sandy.

Neil vN

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  1. 1 says

    This is heartening news, Neil. We have been watching the devastation on CNN at home in British Columbia, Canada. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.

  2. 6Gene says

    I was thinking of you several times and wondering how you were faring. Glad to here you are all OK and hope the power gets restored soon.

  3. 8 says

    What I thought was a transformer arcing, turned out to be power cables that had touched the ground … and the electricity arced and chewed up the tar road. This is about a block from my house.

  4. 10 says

    Trev, no idea on when we’ll have power again. With a reported 93,500 houses in NJ who are supplied by PSE&G, without power, there will be a massive backlog. On top of that, with the news reports of hospitals being evacuated, we’re pretty low on the list for power to our homes.

    btw .. the LED video lights have come to be very useful for providing light at night-time. I place them around the living room on top of shelves, and point them up at the ceiling.

  5. 11Trev says

    Thanks for taking the time out to report on this, appreciated.

    Certainly massive devastation not to mention the tragedy of all the lives lost.

    Great little idea on LED lighting, must remember that next time I have black-out with my Video lights.

  6. 12 says

    So bly julle is veilig, dankie vir die terugvoer.
    Ons nuus sê nou pas New Jersey is die ergste getref, toe kom kyk ek eers. Gelukkig hou jou batterye nog vir nodige kommunikasie.

  7. 13 says

    Neil I specially went to your site to see if you had posted an update, glad all ok but much sympathy from New Zealand to the USA, its devastating and hard to watch on the TV. Thanks for the update, fingers crossed the infrastructure gets up and running as soon as humanly possible.

    On another note, I did a small wedding for the first time in ages and consciously tried to put all your excellent advice into practice. You are so generous with sharing your knowledge, expertise and personal experience with us all, and Im sure I speak for the lot of us out here, we salute you and your work. Many thanks.

    Kia kaha (stay strong), Vasbyt and Hamba Kashle

  8. 14 says

    This is the 4th day without power. PSE&G people have said it could take as long as until Nov 9th to get power to all the areas where I live.

    On top of that, the data on my laptop’s hard drive got corrupted yesterday morning. (I suspect it is a knock-on effect of the faulty battery on my laptop.) So now I am busy getting everything up to speed again on my computer.

    And am I glad I’ve been listening to myself:
    photography workflow – back-up plans
    photography workflow – back-up plans (update)

  9. 15 says

    The power came back on last night in our part of town!

    Of course .. here is how it works. We take a mini-freezer to a friend’s place to stock with the meat from our freezer which is about on the limit of how long we dare push this … and then on the way home, decide to go see a movie – Argo – (brilliant flick!) … just so we have a nice warm place to sit and enjoy a movie.

    And going by the time the clocks started at our house, it would appear that the power came back on as we walked into the movie theater.

    Some slight irony in there somewhere. But .. we’re just to happy that we can now slowly have things return to normal again.

  10. 16Trev says

    Great news re power. Bet thousands are still without though and all the people who have no homes to even go back to.

    Did you lose any food due to spoilage?

    When we went through the cyclone Feb 2011 here, the State Gov. paid us $300 per couple and $450 per 2 kids to help restock with food which was generous of them.

    I dare say it will take months, if not years to rebuild all property lost, and from some recent scenes I saw on TV I now see the new high tide mark is in property where houses once stood, that will be a nightmare to have to re-develop, re-survey for boundary markers, etc. Huge task.


  11. 17Suzanne says

    Glad to hear that. I’m about 20 minutes from you, and we are still without power here. Hopefully it will be restored soon…

  12. 18Louis Lombard says

    Hi Neil,

    Glad thing are getting back to normal for you there! I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and am very grateful for you sharing your knowledge & insight…I also recently photogtraphed a wedding again and 21st, making use of the black foamie thing, bouncing,etc. and got very pleasing results. I can’t thank you enough (I also have your Off camera Flash book). Louis

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