photographers who are too lazy to be original

photographers who are too lazy to be original

This is one of the most ironic things about wannabe professional photographers – while they invariably claim to be original and artistic, they flounder when it comes to writing text for their websites. Then they fall back on the old cntl-C / cntl-V trick, or in this example, be just as lazy and stay with what appears to be the generic text on a website template.

Just click on the image, and be astonished. Count the pages and then be even more astonished.

The long and the short of this is that there is no short-cut. Do your own work. Or just look foolish.

[ I saw this on Facebook, but couldn’t trace back to who saw this first. So if there’s anyone who noticed this first, please let me know. ]

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  1. 1 says

    I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these site might be using the same canned template for their site, and they didn’t bother to change the default content that came with the site?
    — Jeff

  2. 3Ray says

    Capturing a moment on paper takes more than a pen. It takes an eye trained by years of experience to identify the correct font, paper weight, and writing style required to make a moment truly stand out.

  3. 6 says

    Hi Neil,

    One possible reason why they left the text as is was probably because they could not come with a better way of saying what is being said in the text.

    That said, by not changing the text, they are not portaying themselves in the best possible light.

  4. 7Paulski says

    Capturing a moment on film? Really?!?

    Couldn’t they have all at least used the same unoriginal template that was updated to reflect the realities of the digital age?

  5. 9 says

    Even funnier, their most popular photography services are all the same, but a look through their gallery shows no relevant images!? Who would hire a photographer that can’t show examples of their work?

    William Cowan

  6. 13Dino says

    Funny. It is safe to assume that at least some of those careless copyists may rant about the hardships of standing out in the industry these days. ;)
    Gruesse / d.

  7. 14Matheus Pratta says

    Not only copying the quote, but as some people noted, they copied the entire website from each other, content like “Our most popular photography services includes:” which seems to include a nice “Vibrant Black & White Photography” which I really find out hard to understand, since I thought the more vibrant the photo, the more colorful (and sometimes oversaturated) it looked like, which doesn’t really work with Black & White (maybe working with Photoshop/Lightroom did that to my way of thinking?)

  8. 15Michael says

    Even more telling, Google found 243,000 instances of that text on the web. No, really, 243,000. That’s around 2,000 instances in every english speaking state, province, region, locale in the entire world.

    • 15.1AW says

      Not all of those are relevant… only 21~22 pages as said above, so only 210~220 entries at 10 results per page. There is still hope for humanity.

  9. 16 says

    OMG! I didn’t know what you were referencing to at first and then I realized it wasn’t one person you were talking about, it’s the majority! LOL. It was like an addiction to crack this morning hitting the links to see the different photographers using the same phrase over and over. You wasted 15 minutes of my morning, but I appreciate it. ;)

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