Photoshop contest

updated Sept 09, 2010: The contest is now closed.
Here is the winning entry, as well as another notable entry.
Thank you to everyone who entered!

One of the images I took during the recent photo session with the Modern Gypsies, was this photo above. With all his antics, I had asked him to jump against the wall as if he was going to scale it. It looks pretty cool … but the mundane urban background pulls this potentially surreal image back to normality. A little bit anyway.

Then I imagined it as him scaling an impossibly high wall, rising up from an unseen area below. Pretty cool idea. However, this needs a defter hand and a more incisive understanding of Photoshop from here on than I have. Here is how far I got with my attempt at what I was envisioning …

(I left the part of the softbox in the image. I ran out of steam at this point.)

It looks reasonable I think … but I know that the real Photoshop gurus will smirk at this.

So here’s the challenge … download the high-resolution JPG from  [ folder now closed ], and dazzle us with what you can do with this image. I include two other images if you want to use some of the graffiti wall as areas to clone from.

To make it interesting, there is a prize attached to this. The winner, picked by myself and Jessica, my assistant-with-an-attitood, will win a $50 gift voucher from B&H. (Any restrictions that may apply to how it can be used, is dependent on B&H.) Deadline is next Wednesday, Sept 08, 2010 at 12 noon New York time. Our decision is final, and no whining will be tolerated. The winner will have to explain his steps and this will be used as a follow-up post. We’d also like to use the hi-res JPG on the Tangents blog and allow the Modern Gypsies to use the image for promotion if they want, as they want.

email me your version and show us what you have!

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  1. 2Neil vN says

    I still use CS4, but also have CS5. Content Aware Fill wasn’t useful here when I tried it for the large area.

    Neil vN